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LINK 2004 invitation by Pling

  short fasthacked invitro for LINK2004
  by pling.

Looking for scenelove in the cold month of march? then come down
to Link÷ping, from march the 5:th to march the 7:th, for pure
top cool demo-happy!

The party will feature such fantastic things as:
Music, graphic, wild and cookie competitions (all platforms
Live musical performances
A cafeteria
Crew members dancing naked on tables
...and much, much more!

Tickets will be 150 SEK in advance and 200 SEK at the door. To
register and order your ticket Now, go to the official website
at: http://link.x-dump.com

So what are you waiting for? Go! Now!

Invitro credits:
Code: buzzie
Graphics: theodore
Music: zabutom

Come to LINK!
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