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Goo by Mooze [web]

                                                  joensuu, 22.-24.11.1996

       how are you? we  are just fine and mooze  contributes again as you
       can  see.  goo  is  a  demo.   a  486  required,  dx4  or  pentium
       recommended.  8  megs of memory,  works  with   emm386  or   qemm.
       gus/sb/... for sound. and if you want to use a manual sound setup,
       get  rid  of  those  ultrasnd/blaster/etc.  enviroment  variables.

       if this  one breaks your computer or kills your family,  it's your
       own fault.  don't blame us.  we take no responsibility of anything
       this demo  might do. keep it  to yourself.  we take all the money,
       so  you can't  sell this  product nor  include  it to  any  cd-rom
       without written permission  from  the  authors.  the main rule is:
       if you  get any money  from our work, we want part of  that money.
       the complete copyright license is included in rights.txt.

       old crappy code put together in few days and other stuff by unsigned.
       mooze demo libraries and some old code by juffo-wup.
       abyssal noises by breadfan.
       pmode by tran, midas sound system by sahara surfers. thanks.

       greetings go to:
       agl, amorphous, aurinkovoodoomandariini, coc, deck blasters,
       eufrosyne, halcyon, kinetic-pc, mellow design, mindprobe,
       nordic vision, sahara surfers, seikkailup„hkin„, tdc and all we forgot

       unsigned says hi! to:
       mayday & others (ams), znt & wihannes (nordic vision), jiber (tdc), 
       ember & others (halcyon), dipp (seikkailup„hkin„), scallop (tg!),
       detoo (mindprobe), issale & guardian & varanus (coc), solen (avd),
       pioner (bombsquad), ananas (extra greets!), fox, federico feroldi

       juffo-wup greets everybody he knows.

       c/o tapio „ij„l„
       retkeilij„ntie 18 d 19
       fin-70200 kuopio

       support boards:
       juho's place (v.34, 24h) +358-71-3614966
       amorphous bbs (v.34, 24h) +358-60-344014
       countzero (v.34, 24h) +47-55122962
       downtown (v.34, 24h) +358-0-3474402
       massive attack! (v.34, 24h) +49-946078
       the underworld bbs (2 x 33.6k, 64k isdn, 24h) +41-22-9600621

       copyright (c) mooze 1996.
       all rights reserved.
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