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insects by Coma

            Short information file :

        Community (COMA)

        1997 (c) copyright

        to Assembly97

        P100+ with 16 megs of mem minumun.. sorry.
                    or more like P166+

            USE THAT UniVBE !!!

            VGA mode is black and white so no palette..

            works in 32,24,16,15 and 8 bit modes..
            autodetec always on.
                32 bit mode is fastest.

    bugfixed and better looking version will follow if i dont have anything
        better to do. i think i dont. it will take days or weeks..


            and damaq, dice, apatia, mr.garvin, duke nemo, sessio, valtsu,
                    essi, ants of my anthill..

            using pmode/w by thomas pytel and that other guy..

            using the mighty midas by petteri kangaslampi and those..


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