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killer by Carillon & Cyberiad [web]

Numerous people have been asking, who did what for the Killer demo.
So, here are the credits.

                            Killer - by CNCD

 Complete credits:

        Code   Sly       3D-Engine (called Jaguar), its mapping systems,
                         math and most of the macro interface for its
                         extremely easy usage :). Optimized version of
                         the light caster routine's buffer read part.
                         The 040/060 optimized CPU only chunky to planar
                         conversion routine.

               Humanoid  VectorGrid engine, particle engine
                         scalesprite system, the first and the original
                         idea/version of the light caster and the polar
                         conversion calculations for it. The (buggy:)
                         memory handler and the Light Wave scene converter
                         for Jaguar.

               Case      3D primitive object calculations and displacement
                         routines, some grid calcs, 2d chunky sprite system,
                         the blurrotator. Also some ideas (from his own 030
                         optimized engine) for optimizing the Jaguar engine.
                         Most of the linking of the demo and timing the
                         effects. He was also the "organizing" coder,
                         telling exactly how things should be coded.

               the audio player used in the demo
               was coded by Jarno Paananen

               To keep up the coding motivation the official "vallan kahva"
               HUGE rubber hammer was used. Great for maintaining order
               amongst coders :)

        GFX    Destop    The Killer logo. Almost all the textures,
                         envmaps and the images displayed along with the

               Louie     The grayscale credits logos, some textures and
                         palettes and the CNCD logo at the end.

        Music module Money Can Buy Me Love was composed by Yolk&Legend

        Huge thanks must go to Juliet for the moral support and the design
        ideas, though we didn't have time to use some of them. He should
        also be thanked for lending us his brains and solving many of the
        problems concerning coding/math. :) He truly is the greatest coder
        of the century...

        Watching the demo on any slower processor than 060 is not advised
        unless you want to see a slide show. The routines in the demo have
        been purely optimized for 060 and also the scenes are so complex
        that a slower processor starts thinking of all the possibilities
        to commit suicide.
        Also note that we didn't have time to completely finish the demo,
        there are a couple of effects missing from the demo. They were
        supposed to be the highlights of whole thingie. Well you will
        hopefully see them in our next demo.

        Hmm, that's about it. Hope I didn't forget anything important.
        Now, grab a hold of your butt. You might wanna get used to doing
        that since you're gonna to be doing it a lot while watching the
        future demos from Sly&Hmd...

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