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Stereo Mike (win) by Immortals [web]


I was sick on Feb. 3'rd 2002, so I stayed home and with nothing to do,
and after hearing that a good friend of mine (silvatar) ported one of his
demos to windows i decided to give it a shot. surprisingly enough, 4 hours 
later we have WinStereoMike.

I didn't touch any of the demo code, except for some memory bugs that
make me how this thing ever managed to run.

what i had to write :
- gdi, timer, linking with minifomd instead of midas, directx-fullscreen, etc.
- linking with old assembler fillers, had to write wrappers for all the fillers,
  and turn all of watcom's old '#pragma aux' into vc's '__asm'.

that's it, i'm happy with this short experience, maybe i'll do this for
another demo or two.


ohad, IMR
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