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Zion by Detour


a Nokia 3650 & Sony Ericsson P800 demo by Detour

Released at the Assembly 2003 party on 09.08.2003.


Orbis	- code & graphics
Sly     - code & graphics
Knight  - code
Temen	- music


Transfer .sis files to the device via cable/infrared/bluetooth and install. 

Installation order:

Zion.sis, Zion_data_1.sis, Zion_data_2.sis

If you run out of disk space, remove each .sis file
(after installing it..) from the device before transferring the next file.

Installation follows the standard Symbian installation process.

Zion requires about 1974 kb free disk space. The 3650 version should
be installed on the MMC (doesn't fit on the internal drive usually)
1.5mb - 1.7mb free RAM should be sufficient for running the demo. Closing all
other apps and/or rebooting the device will help if you run out of RAM.

Have fun. 
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