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Heresy by Paranoia [web]

Hello everyone,

what you have here is my first attempts to write a demo/intro in
Assembly language on the Falcon.
My first puny attempts.
I had no time to fix all bugs and design of course had to suffer
from the fact that i put everything together on the UnConventional
itself, meaning: Brainwashed after a 7 hours trip, tired after less
than 4 hours sleep and confused as usual.

Therefore: Excuse this not-so-nice demo.

Before i get into credits, let me please send a few thank-yous to:
Evil (DHS) for the superb demo-engine and his support and explanations
Candyman (Cream) for his immortal optimism and his support

Tested on:
- 4 MB Falcon, RGB, FPU, NVDI, Videlity
- 4 MB Falcon, VGA, FPU, 8 MB FastRAM, MiNT, Videl Inside, NVDI, Thing
- 4 MB Falcon, VGA, FPU, 8 MB FastRAM, MultiTOS, Videl Inside, NVDI

- Main graphics:       TNT
- additional graphics: Luebke
- music:               Mr Future
- code:                The Paranoid
- DSP-replay:          BitMaster (TCE)
- DSP-fix:             NoCrew and Evil
- demo-engine:         Evil (DHS)
- basics for the zoom: Candyman (Cream)
- basics for rotation: Candyman (Cream) and an article in a magazine

To everyone still active on the Atari ...

Signing off, gone with the INT ...

The Paranoid

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