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The Last Inline by Capsule

            : ....:.......:  .....:.....:.....  .:.....:..:...:.:
            : : :____________:______      ___:__:___ : ______ : :
            : : |  ____/     :      |    |   |  |   |:|  ___/ : :
            : : |  |  ||  -  :   -  |  :.|...|  |   |:|  _|_  :.:
            : : |  |  ||     :   ___|    |   |  |   |-|     | : :
            :.:.|  |  ||  |  :   |       |   :  |     |     |.:.:
            : : |  !  ||  |  :...|....   |   :  |     |     |.: :
            : : |     ||  |  :   |   :   |   :  |     |     | : :
            : : |_____||__|__:___|       |___:__|_____|_____| : :
            : :.....   :     :...............:  ....:..  : ...:.:
            :..: : :...:......:......:......:...:.....:..:.:..: :

			Is half proud to present
			   The Last Inline
	(Or: enjoying the last days of 68k + cruel metal twisting!)

Requirements: 68020 & 8 Mb (maybe just 4)

Tested on:
- A1200 Blizzard 030.
- A1200 Blizzard 040/40
- A1200 BlizzardPPC 603+
- A4000 Cyberstorm 040/40
- UAE  Ha! :D
- Amiga II with MMC  He!! :DD

If you have problems running the demo on CyberStorm, try booting with
no startup-sequence, run Setpatch and boot it.
Optimal configuration: Cyberstorm 060 or blizzard 060. Please use
latest 060.library for best chip memory performance.
Please, keep in mind that general performance on blizzardPPC 040 is 
MUCH lower than blizzard 030 due to bad memory speed and 040 forced
The Last Inline has bugs. I supose :) . Is there any program in the world
free of bugs? Oh, yes! it has to be this one: printf("Hello World");
So we don't take any responsability about WB crashes, President Clinton 
sexual affairs, Micros*ft releases, etc, etc...

	Sooo....Here we are again with another 'low budget release' as
somebody calls our productions...  :D
This one was made along a month for the Euskal 6 party, held in San 
Sebastian at end of July. Taking some scraps from Phase One and coding
fastly we managed to bring something for the compo, and we got 2nd. place.
Congratulations, Ramses(1st.)! But next year we will not leave you win again!

	Sorry for the Last Ninja 2 scan, but we didn't find anybody
to make us a 1024x512 16 colors picture in a pair of weeks! :)

Now, some bits about the code... Despite having few time, i (Peskanov)
have tried to make something interesting to watch.

- Da Zoom : just a 16 colors zoom in a 704x352 hires+laced screen; 12 FPS
on 030/50, with 25 FPS peaks on 060.

- Da Rotozoom that Roots lacked : in roots/sanity (v2), chaos & mr. pet 
showed us 2 of the last different ways to make a rotozoomer... But STILL 
there are some posibilities open, due to the extremely flexibility of the
Amiga arch.! The rotozoom i show is realtime with no precalculations,
and it leaves 70% of CPU free at 50 Hz. Hence the Esphere mapping, just
to show the CPU is still free!
If I am right, this rotozoom could have been added to the Chaos one in 
roots! Yes, BOTH at the same time at 50 Hz. on a plain 1200! The Chaos 
rotozoom texture should have to been reduced to 16x8 (or 8x16) instead 
of 16x16 to free some colors for this one, but anyway...

- Free Camera Voxel : Voxels with free camera are 'rara avis', at least 
on Amiga. The only ones i have seen are those (in time order):
  -> In 'human' of Stellar.(95?) A sort of Beta from 'Toilet'. A strange
     and blurred mountain in 8x4 res. fly throug the screen... Some time
     ago i used to think it was an anim. Now i don't really know...
  -> In 'Death Sentece' by Oxyron.(96) One of the best ever Amiga demos, 
     if just only for the coding! This has the voxel i wanted to beat!
     It has an 4x4 res. voxel, but very fast & with very good precission!
     Maybe my Voxel looks better, but i'm sorry to say that TTS is still 
     better than mine... Anybody to accept the match?
  -> In 'pusherman' by Tolou.(98) Oh, hell, their coder comes from another 
     world! Every demo from him has stranger effects than the previous 
     ones! He has his own ways to do everything, so it's not surprising 
     that his free voxel looks totally different and bizarre! 
     Anyway, keep the good work man!! You are great!
  Please, if anybody knows any other free camera voxels on Amiga, send
me a quick mail to: malemana@nexo.es   
But notice i'm asking about VOXELS, not POLYGONS!

- The 3d engine: Sucks. (yes, like in Phase One :)

- Skool Daze : Don't you just hate schools? How much fun was, when i was 
child, loading Skool Daze, renaming the teachers and giving they some 
'lessons' :)
No, i didn't make a c64 emulator just for this effect!  :D  Using Magic64
and a blitz basic+asm program, i captured c64 screens every 3 frames and 
delta-compressed them to pack an anim. On the demo, there is a decompressor
and a c64screen-to-planar converter! Pilelined! yes, i am totally out of 
my mind!! :P

Well, that's all i have to say about this little demo. This could my last
68k production, as i'm going power! Read the PPCSupportCampaign.txt!

Especial greetings go to the coders that takes some minutes for writting
a bit about their work, to those who take the risk of being ignored by
innovating, and to those who still try to optimize their effects to the
max! Long live, and happy coding!

See U!
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