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SteelSlayers by Fingersoft [web]

Steel Slayers by Fingersoft [http://www.fingersoft.cjb.net]
Assembly 2003 GameDev version 
game version 0.13 (test2)

 note: may contain very much bugs or compatibility problems..

( could be said to be a somekind of alpha version :D )

   - 8 player sessions
   - 9 weapons
   - 2 special items
   - 3 maps

 Recommendation: (not sure, not tested with many computers)
   1ghz processor
   Good display adapter (gf3 or other card that supports bumpmapping for visual goods)
   256mt RAM

   The game will run with a card without bumpmap support, but the visual quality suffers
   If you experience extremely slow fps, you may try enabling 
   "Force software vertexprocessing" from the setup utility.

 Some info:

   We started writing this game a about a month before the deadline of gamedev compo. 
   This game wasn't ment at first to be an entry to the compo, but since we got enought 
   working material to the game in short time, we decided to put this game to the compo. 
   There may be a huge amount of incorrectly working stuff and incredible amount of bugs
   because we didn't have time for enough testing and bug finding.


   Basic controls:

     W,S,A,D    - Player movement
     Mouse      - Player heading/aiming
     Z          - Toggle firemode (fullblast/singleshot)
     X          - Toggle sniper mode
                 (in sniper mode, press down right mouse button and move the mouse to zoom)
     F1         - 3rd person cameraview
     F2         - 1st person cameraview

   Picking up weapons: 

     Press a number key to select a slot for a weapon, you can see the weaponslot listing in
     left-upper corner of your screen. Add-on items can be taken to an add-on slot.

   Handling weapons:

     Singleshot could be useful when firing weapons with higher reloading times. It's more 
     wise to try with a single shot if you can hit the enemy than firing all away and the 
     don't even hit.

     You can also select weapons that are fired as primary weapons (left mouse button) and 
     as secondary weapons (right mouse button). Hold shift and press the number of the weapon
     slot to toggle primary/secondary weapon mode. All heavy weapons are set default as 
     a secondary weapon.
   Add-on items:

     Add-on slot information can be found from the sameplace as weapon slot information.
     They are picked the same way, just press the number of the slot. Use SPACE to use
     the item.

     note: current version of the mech has only a single add-on slot

   Server map change:
     If you're hosting the game you can change map by pressing F12...
     (sorry, only 3 maps in this version)

 Common problems:
   There are some problems with internet connection sharing. It's recommended that you play
   the game through an open direct internet connection.

   And ofcourse there can be huge amount of unnoticed stuff and compatibility problems
   because of very short time...


   Code   - Toniz (Toni Fingerroos)

   GFX    - Toniz (Toni Fingerroos)
          - SerialThrill (Tero Koivu)

   Music  - Havock (Joona Mourujärvi) [ingame music]
          - Bermuda (Mika Myllymäki) [menu music]

 Beta testing:

   - Samiz
   - Muumi
   - Shadez
   - Polestar
   - Louhikarm
   - Felsen
   - Peach
   - vanksi
   - Makegho
   - Havock
   - SerialThrill
   - _gero


 Thanks goes to:

   - Tiitumus (for supporting us)
   - Muumi (idealizing, designing and beta testing)
   - Vanksi (hosting our website)

 Some notes:
   - Setup utility contains 3d sound option, this option
     is currently overrided and will not affect anything.
 Version history:
   0.13 (test version 2) changes: (- bug fix, + adds)
      + Two new maps

      + New heat seeker missile

      - Rare collision problem fix
      - More network code optimizations

      - Had to unwind one compatibility problem fix that 
        caused most systems not to find any hosts.

      - Map change window, no longer map per key thingie =)

   0.12 changes:
      - Network update rate lowered (80% usage to prev. version)

      - Bug fixed that caused sometimes enemyfire not to 
        be visible.

   0.11 changes:
      - Probable timing fix on some computers

   0.1 changes: (- bug fix, + adds)
      + Red splash when player gets some damage

      + Say message writing can be cancelled by pressing ESC

      + Player must accept disconnect

      + Player name is now viewed when aiming at someone.
      - Small network code optimizations
      - Water effect darker, looks more like a sea now.

      - Lots of weapon adjustments.

      - Optimized sound effect usage, caused huge cpu usage on some 

      - Explosions should not affect over walls any more.

      - All players get now 500 health when map change occurs.

      - Force software vertexprocessing didn't affect anything.. now it should.
        help the slow performance on menu and on maps that contain water effect.
      - Explosion and smoke particles are now billboards, so they require
        33% percent of the old polygon count... Should increase rendering speed.

      - Particle count tuned on explosions and texture changed resulting in faster
        fps and more visible explosion effects.
      - Inverse mouse from setup changed to Invert mouse
      #fingersoft (IRCNet)

Sorry for this bad readme file (no time to write a better one..) ... -toniz :D
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