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Senility by Gyrzoon

senility .. some kind of weird artistic vision by gyr & zoon.

code - gyr and zoon
music - zoon

this is the final final final version.  no further correspondance will be
entered into.  we *might* be releasing the source soon.  it uses usmplay,
so it supports all reasonably old soundcards :)  if i ever find (write?)
a good, small, accurate player for win32, i will consider a win32 version.
no effect code was changed between the party version and this version.
we changed some of the text though.

don't try to think about what the effects are.. think about what it looks
like.  during the final few hours of putting this intro together, many
of the design decisions were made subconsciously.  i did not stop to
ponder anything.  if i thought of it, it went in.  if i chose one effect
over another, that's what happened.  so maybe it all means something..
but don't expect it to.  any complexities or intricacies in this intro
are (almost) certainly not on the technical level.. as was revealed to me,
that's not all there is to it.

this intro uses a very early version of dtc (dwarf true colour)
which seems to be extremely unstable on some pcs.. (not zoon's
however, because he coded the damn thing) if it crashes unexpectedly,
well, consider yourself unlucky, but don't worry, you aren't missing much.
if it works, well, consider yourself lucky.  it does seem to display a
certain fondness for s3 video cards though..  in any case, you need a
vesa2 bios.. as always, univbe does nicely.

and yeah, we know the music sucks.  it's the first bit of music
i (zoon) have ever actually finished, and it's the first time i've
seriously used any form of software synthesis.. and even worse, it's
my own synthesiser.. so be nice to it.

appendix a, old man/weird coder -> english translation table

"you forgot to feed the fish" -> "player initialisation error"
"i don't like the look of them teenagers.." -> "player error"
"now where are my glasses?" -> "decompressing textures:"
"aargh! i'm blind! quick! sue the nursing home!" -> "video mode not found"
"dammit, the batteries are flat" -> "player error"

anything else can be taken to mean "maybe you'd like to watch the full
intro some time.. it's only two minutes long.." or "whoever coded this is
a useless piece of human waste and should be punished for their crimes
against the animal kingdom." try to guess which is which.


zoon, bored, no longer caring. (we have more interesting things to do now)
if you want an argument, email jmatthew@uq.net.au, or find us on
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