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mfr by Gyrzoon


a stupid intro by a couple of idiots.

some useless facts:

1. mfr.com is 4702 bytes uncompressed (but it's still a 4k intro..)
2. on a pc on which all the effects run at 70fps, it runs for 1 minute
    29 seconds (approximately)
3. there are 11 distinct parts (you can tell when one stops and the next
    begins .. the screen goes black for a while)
4. source code is 2,910 lines (no you can't have it)
5. source code is 55,090 chars (no really, you can't have it)

therefore: (assuming no wind resistance, frictionless surfaces, light
inextensible strings, uniform gravity, steady state steady flow, all processes
are reversible and adiabatic, newtonian frame of reference, no relativistic
effects, economics actually has something to do with the real world, photons
have no mass, ideal current and voltage sources, resistors have zero tolerance,
exactly 0.7v across the base-emitter junction, opamps have infinite gain,
ammeters draw no current and god is a slightly undercooked chicken being roasted
on a spit over a wood fire giving off no smoke and all heat going directly
upwards covered with a variety of spices and the special sauce.. we all know
where the special sauce comes from don't we?)

- each byte of code is executing for 0.0189 seconds
- each part is 427.45 bytes
- each part runs for 8.1 seconds
- each line of source produces 1.62 bytes
- each line is executing for 0.031 seconds
- each part is 264.5 lines
- each char of source produces 0.085 bytes
- each char of source is executing for 1.616e-3 seconds
- each part is 5008.2 chars
- each line is 18.93 chars

current score:
gyr  5.5 (1st bit, 2nd bit, 5th bit, 9th bit, 10th bit, 11th bit)
zoon 5.5 (3rd bit, 4th bit, 6th bit, 7th bit, 8th bit, 9th bit)
(we are equally responsible for the 9th bit)

oh my god it's a tie.. and to think at one stage when it was 3 all (and it
looked completely different) that we thought it had enough in it..

serving suggestions:
 it's a lot more interesting when you're listening to some decent music
 at the same time.  we are not in the business of enforcing our views on
 others, so we will leave the choice up to you.

 most of the effects look their best (at least on a 15" monitor) when
 seen from 3-4 metres away.  especially the first bit and the tunnel.

 if you watch this intro while using hallucinogens, we can't guarantee
 that what you see will be anything near what we coded.  in fact, you'd
 probably be better of going outside and wandering around for a while..

four of the bits gyr did use the same palette..
and one bit zoon did uses it too.  we have no imagination.
well actually, it better than our last 4k intro, which had the same
palette all the way through.. and it just plain sucked, and as has been
repeatedly pointed out to us, it should have been called 'blue'.

two of the effects are not what we originally intended to code when we started
on them..  guess which ones.

we were almost considering releasing the source code, so people can see
how easy it is to code stupid effects badly.. but there's a great old
saying.. can't remember who said it first, but i like it.. "to publish is
to appear in public with your pants down" .. and for the good of humanity,
we don't want to do that.  apart from that, the source is a tangled mess
that we don't even understand any more, and we were the people warped enough
to write it in the first place..

i have no idea what sort of thing is the bare minimum to get this thing
running at full speed.. half of it was coded on a 6x86 p166+ with a half
decent video card (dstealth 3d 2000 2mb) on which everything runs very
smoothly.. we cannot guarantee your continued viewing pleasure with anything
less, because we can't be bothered checking it.. we know that the typical
compo machine these days is if anything more powerful than what it was
coded on, so as far as we're concerned, it's fast enough.
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