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parasite by fresh!mindworkz [web]

"parasite" pc-demo by Fresh!mindworkz, released at SceneCon'03, Hungary.

  Created by: 
	Pasy (main code, 3DWorkz engine),
	Pontscho (system code), 
	Wolverine  (3D Part 1 ,2D GFX),
	Maxie (3D Part 2),
	Difuse (2D GFX),
	Just (music).

Command line parameters:

	-bmark : show FPS info at the end of the demo
	-synth <0...14> : the synth plays the selected track of the music
	-c : console logging
	-v : verbose mode, creates a debug.log

Technical Info:

  Known bugs:

  - 16 bit mode is experimental, there can be depth buffer fight bugs
  - At Win95/98/ME there's no display frequency configuration ability
  - Medium and low quality textures are experimental use only if you haven't got
    enough VGA memory (Med.:less than 64MB, Low: 16MB or less)


  Needs an OpenGL 1.1 compatible videocard (with lot of ram) and a standard 
  dsound soundcard. Should run without hardware t&l also... 
  in high quality texture mode you need at least 64MB VGA ram 
  Windows bugreports: pasy@freshmindworkz.hu


  You need the following softwares to run in linux environment:
  -XFree86 4.2.1+
  -glibc 2.2+
  -OSS driver (without KDE's arts or Gnome ESD sound server)
  And do not forget to give execute rights to binary: chmod +x parasite.lnx
  Linux bugreports: pontscho@freshmindworkz.hu 

  All textures are stored so no precalculation needed...

  This demonstration made with GPL or freeware modules/compilers.

  If party version crashes, please report (it should work fine with nVidia
  GeForce cards though). Final version will be available soon...


  E-mail: fresh@makacs.poliod.hu, pasy@freshmindworkz.hu
  Homepage: http://fresh.demoscene.hu

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