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Extra by Epoch [web]
screenshot added by noby on 2017-08-05 22:31:28
platform :
type :
release date : august 2017
release party : Assembly 2017
compo : combined demo
ranked : 4th
  • 65
  • 8
  • 2
popularity : 66%
  • 0.84
alltime top: #1646
  • sm sm [Code, visuals, design]
  • supadupa supadupa [Graphics (Epoch logotype)]
  • Dysposin Dysposin [Graphics, design]
  • rp rp [Music]
  • aegis aegis [Music]
  • wdm wdm [Music]
  • noby noby [Visuals, direction, design, mixing]
added on the 2017-08-05 22:31:28 by noby noby

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maybe a bit too long but damn, what a show!
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 22:33:00 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
fuck yeah.
the soundtrack is simply dope.
the visuals+direction are carefully crafted&polished.
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 22:58:33 by wullon wullon
this kind of stuff almost cant be too long imho, but progressively takes one further and further, hypnotizing.
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 23:09:55 by Serpent Serpent
Yeah, I was actually thinking "thank god it's so long". One of my favorites from the compo!
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 23:12:53 by moozooh moozooh
xmix 3 <3
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 23:19:21 by post malone post malone
Finally a well-paced prod that doesn't run out of ideas. It's niche, but it's the good kind of niche.
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 23:50:29 by Gargaj Gargaj
Well the music is just amazing and the visual components perfectly mesh together while never overstaying their welcome. The tempo of it all delivers and packs a strong punch.
rulez added on the 2017-08-05 23:54:29 by visy visy
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 00:10:31 by mantratronic mantratronic
my brain hurts in a good way
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 00:24:06 by jasuy jasuy
We need MORE of this kind. PLEASE, make it so :D
Good tunes, excellent visuals, fscking loved the "guy" and lights around him.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 00:48:12 by leGend leGend
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 02:15:02 by ferris ferris
top stuff!
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 02:22:33 by gentleman gentleman
great visuals and proper techno :)
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 02:46:28 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 04:22:01 by 1in10 1in10
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 09:55:37 by rage rage
Last half is the best. Sounds like a million.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 09:58:17 by maytz maytz
Repetitive visuals, blinking and music, surely it didn't need to be that long. Still, it's interspersed with sufficient greatness for a thumb. Also, dat scrolltext.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 10:03:45 by Nosferatu Nosferatu
excellent! simply E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T!!! (music especially)
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 10:33:58 by natalia natalia
Overall this demo and the melancholy demo were this year's highlights squeezed into the same compo. Oh darn the direction in this! Maybe two more hours with the synching could've made this tiny bit better but oh well. :D
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 12:04:40 by waffle waffle
Very good!
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 12:19:39 by alkama alkama
Cool stuff. But it hurts a bit too see the Lee Perry Smith model without decent shading. Also, it's CC BY-NC, which requires attribution, which I couldn't find anywhere.
added on the 2017-08-06 12:33:05 by kusma kusma
kusma: I suppose that was kinda the whole joke (the shading should be decent but it's not realistically parameterized). I didn't pick the model and wasn't aware of the license, but we'll remedy that. Thanks for letting us know.
added on the 2017-08-06 12:35:45 by noby noby
Noby: depends on your definition of "decent" i guess. In this case, I found the lack of occlusion (seemingly for all components) around the nostrils very disturbing. And not in a good way, in a "yikes, this looks like cheap CG"-way. Don't get me wrong, it's a minor point, but I'm pretty picky when it comes to these things ;-)
added on the 2017-08-06 12:54:38 by kusma kusma
A bit too long but great nevertheless.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 13:51:10 by gaspode gaspode
Looks like a 90s DJ background (in a good way), must have been a lot of work. Never gonna watch it again.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 13:59:36 by reptile reptile
Long? This? ADHD much? Well executed, consistent visually, pleasing musically, the perfect length for the content. Not mindblowing but an all-around solid performance.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 14:49:54 by break break
the music is ultra meh, but decent visuals kinda saved it. Weak thumb from me
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 18:33:22 by citrus citrus
Finally a well-paced prod that doesn't run out of ideas.

It does run out. But when it happens, it's so deep in thumbs-up territory, that I don't care that much. :)
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 19:44:30 by tomaes tomaes
Great music. Great visuals. Great length. Clearly not to everyone's tastes.

What more can you ask for? :)
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 20:10:12 by evilpaul evilpaul
banger soundtrack and great visuals, gets a bit repetitive at the end, i'd compress it to 80% of the length ;)
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 21:39:56 by HellMood HellMood
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 21:51:18 by mog mog
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 22:04:10 by cce cce
IMHO, the best all around demo this year. It starts to hit these points where it escapes the scene and ends up as "artform". Reminds me of great episodes of Amp back in the day.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 22:27:58 by elblanco elblanco
Perfect example of a piggie. Runs for too long and has uncanny valley al over it with that green model. If it wasn't for the post and the amount of work this would have been a thumb down bu there is some cool stuff that saves it.
added on the 2017-08-06 22:49:30 by numtek numtek
It could go on for a few more minutes.
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 22:58:26 by xernobyl xernobyl
extremely nice!
rulez added on the 2017-08-06 23:33:04 by v3nom v3nom
started promising, then got sloppy on syncs, then recovered, then got sloppy again, then sort of ended.
maybe needs a few more plays to understand / recognize some of the syncs better. O_o
it definitely had some good parts though.
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 00:26:50 by psenough psenough
Reptile's comment about 90's visuals is actually pretty spot on, even if I would not subscribe to the latter sentence. Will also have to agree with the majority about the length, but it's still an extremely stylish demo.
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 05:33:00 by Trilkk Trilkk
too long, i like most of the visuals, thumb goes mostly for the music though
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 07:58:27 by SiR SiR
Superb atmosphere! 90s technovideo vibes. MTV partyzone or the German Viva channel.
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 08:15:25 by rloaderro rloaderro
Jesus on E's 2017 :)
added on the 2017-08-07 09:56:36 by Marq Marq
One of the best things I've seen in ages. Grooves in totally right way.
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 13:18:03 by Preacher Preacher
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 13:26:11 by okkie okkie
Stylish and perfectly executed!
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 13:30:50 by quisten quisten
added on the 2017-08-07 16:48:22 by CONS CONS
Whow! This is fabulous!! What I like the most is that it (IMHO) looks and sounds so non-demoish! Very well done!!! Thanks!
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 18:02:32 by ewerybody ewerybody
according to the track and the visualz its a clubtro, which also explains the length.
I was entertained although I think it works better in a club (or the compo) than at home
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 19:24:25 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
good show.
rulez added on the 2017-08-07 23:53:41 by comankh comankh
Oh yeah.
rulez added on the 2017-08-08 00:06:47 by Korvkiosken Korvkiosken
In my book this is pretty close to being the perfect techno demo. Awesome show, thanks!
rulez added on the 2017-08-08 15:27:01 by codise codise
what loaderror said.
added on the 2017-08-08 20:17:55 by raer raer
Now, that's how we roll!
rulez added on the 2017-08-08 21:42:16 by eppogabber eppogabber
Years back this could have been a VIVA 2 musicvideo in germany ;-) Aesthetically very nice and polished. The face model gives it some kind of personality. The soundtrack is quite distinct what I like. It doesn't sound like the normal contemporary demo: And that's good.
rulez added on the 2017-08-08 23:53:24 by neoman neoman
even better at home, somehow the mix felt flat on the party
rulez added on the 2017-08-08 23:55:59 by msqrt msqrt
kusma: by the way I talked with sm about the model and he said where he sourced it from had it licensed under public domain. If I had to venture a guess though I'd put money on you being correct and the site mistaken.

Also about the rasterized lighting.. yeah it has some funky screen space shadows that can get a bit ugly, but other than that the ggx shading should be in order (not that it's anything special at all). I of course understand where you're coming from, I'm very picky about these things too :)
added on the 2017-08-09 00:06:56 by noby noby
I will never not thumb up techno demos. Also this is a rather good example :)
rulez added on the 2017-08-09 01:06:09 by Alpha C Alpha C
Overley of bad effects = bad demo.
sucks added on the 2017-08-09 03:11:58 by rock rock
2001 called... it said thanks for keeping its style alive and well ;)
rulez added on the 2017-08-09 15:08:27 by nagz nagz
Hell yeah, good stuff.
rulez added on the 2017-08-09 16:53:55 by DickThunder DickThunder
rulez added on the 2017-08-10 22:05:39 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
I usually don't like that style of music, but the visual ideas, pace and sync were interesting enough to leave me interested and hooked until the end. I love how it surprised me with new things even in the last quarter of the demo (even though I'm an idiot an hadn't realized during my first watch that one of the effects is in fact a scroller - I had switched my vision to abstract mode too much by that time :p).

The rendering style of the human model didn't quite fit in though, at least IMHO. But apart from that this is awesome! Hopefully I'll get to see this on some bigscreen one day.

Now I'll have to watch it again to try to get an idea how one syncs something like this, i.e. how the balance between manual and automatic syncing might be.
rulez added on the 2017-08-10 23:48:18 by Kylearan Kylearan
Stays fresh throughout, coordinated with the music very well, and good effects.
rulez added on the 2017-08-11 00:18:17 by fizzer fizzer
added on the 2017-08-11 14:27:01 by rp rp
So so.
added on the 2017-08-12 03:24:52 by AntDude AntDude
Nice nice!
rulez added on the 2017-08-13 11:03:18 by Frequent Frequent
Oh yeah, Should Have Won. ;)
added on the 2017-08-13 11:05:45 by leGend leGend
Epoch as usual, I love you <3
rulez added on the 2017-08-14 11:36:00 by FMS_Cat FMS_Cat
Slammin' X-Mix would be proud
rulez added on the 2017-08-16 13:27:37 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
Tekno. Design. Epoch.
rulez added on the 2017-08-18 22:33:54 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
rulez added on the 2017-08-21 21:16:47 by RufUsul RufUsul
rulez added on the 2017-08-22 11:50:52 by provod provod
Boring For First Time
Great For Second Time
rulez added on the 2017-08-27 07:19:58 by Volantis Volantis
Cool but a bit long in parts
rulez added on the 2017-08-27 22:17:40 by Claw Claw
i want to further point out how bad this demos is. too bad i cant thumb it down twice.
added on the 2017-09-02 02:03:00 by rock rock
Epoch is my fav contemporary group from Finland, so not much of complains :) some compositions could be slightly more coherent... Feels a bit like two VJs collaborating on a techno party. Great sequel to Emix! For some party, all great techno demos needs to be mixed into one set...
Great to hear Ronny's music again and each track with different mood.
rulez added on the 2017-09-08 09:20:37 by zden zden
No mola
sucks added on the 2017-12-12 22:57:44 by Batman/BG Batman/BG
keep 'em coming!
rulez added on the 2018-04-21 02:35:24 by stijn stijn
strange but consistent
rulez added on the 2019-02-25 17:02:52 by hollowone hollowone
this one (as well as complete epoch production) deserves more than a single thumb. glad to have you around, hoping to see more!
rulez added on the 2020-05-30 02:33:14 by dominator dominator
epoch ftw! ♾ 📌
added on the 2020-08-23 22:40:05 by dominator dominator
epoch ftw! ♾ 📌 (haha, already commented on this, well, it's never enough i guess :)
added on the 2020-08-23 22:41:34 by dominator dominator

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