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trial:error by $
screenshot added by danb on 2002-06-25 14:28:01
platform :
type :
release date : june 2002
release party : Remedy 2002
compo : pc 3d acc demo
ranked : 2nd
  • 41
  • 14
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popularity : 59%
  • 0.66
alltime top: #4028
added on the 2002-06-25 14:28:01 by danb danb

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nice, but slow.
this isn't slow at all. (if you don't use anti-aliasing)

but quite nice indeed.
added on the 2002-06-25 15:03:19 by raymon raymon
we're getting somewhere...

but hw acc for this is brutal overkill.
added on the 2002-06-25 15:04:28 by _ _
btw. for best performance/quality-ratio try running low budget mode with fullscene anti-aliasing.
added on the 2002-06-25 15:08:12 by raymon raymon
Ah. This one is very cool indeed.

$ has got a lot more interesting after the IMO poor Just Like You. After seeing We Miss You I am in some strange way both disappointed and happy to see that there's a lot more than the screenshot tells you.
rulez added on the 2002-06-25 15:35:20 by jobe jobe
- hw acc is waaay too sticky
+ visuals are veeery nice
+ soundtrack

I liked 'We Miss You' better but this was almost as good

keep on improving and release more stuff like this, please
rulez added on the 2002-06-25 15:39:54 by funktion funktion
I'm not sure what MF! means with hw acc being "sticky".

Anyway: This was pretty cool! But I'm not thumbing up because it would have easily fit into 64k instead of the >3mb it is now. A *little* coding prowess wouldn't have hurt.

(still nice though)
added on the 2002-06-25 15:49:35 by sagacity sagacity
I've got an AMD 1.2GB CPU && GF2GTS 256MB 3D card and its too slow in 'high budget' mode even on the lowest resolution
added on the 2002-06-25 16:05:26 by funktion funktion
sorry, I meant 256MB of system memory, of cooz
added on the 2002-06-25 16:07:05 by funktion funktion
$uperb !

i bet we'll see alot more from these boys, hopefully.

i get 68fps on athlon1100mhz, gf3ti200, 256mb sdram
so i have no idea what you're on about.
rulez added on the 2002-06-25 16:27:56 by jelly jelly
MF!: If you had read the messagebox that popped up when you selected 'high budget' you wouldn't have had that problem.
added on the 2002-06-25 16:32:40 by sagacity sagacity
the messagebox ony mentions GF/GF2 MX cards and I have a GTS model of GF2...

but whatever...
added on the 2002-06-25 16:39:32 by funktion funktion
This is modern art. People that are stupid like me doesnt understand the meaning behind this.
sucks added on the 2002-06-25 16:41:31 by Wain Wain
wain, naah, even the common man should be able to interpret the beauty in abstract art, just let it grow on you :)
added on the 2002-06-25 16:44:42 by jelly jelly
an ok prod - lacks coherance between the first and the second part (and graphics ;) )
added on the 2002-06-25 16:53:43 by gekko gekko
And another one of those hyper abstract, love'em or hate'em $ 'demos'. :)

Although it's imho better than the last one, I'm not in the mood to give a thumb up. ;)
added on the 2002-06-25 16:57:25 by tomaes tomaes
hello, i like the white color i'ts really funny
added on the 2002-06-25 18:50:04 by picazzo picazzo
Jonas, Fredrik og danB

added on the 2002-06-25 19:13:03 by bizken bizken
and this! <--
rulez added on the 2002-06-25 19:13:18 by bizken bizken
a "consumer graphics card" is not enough to display a few anti-aliased wireframes? come on, i've seen that in Java demos, and really smooth too.
added on the 2002-06-25 23:17:41 by jazzman jazzman
rulez added on the 2002-06-26 00:01:04 by got got
Once again they did nice work on the timing, but it's enormeously bloated for a wireframe+minimal noise/dots/graphs. I really wonder what they do with all that diskspace, it can't be the bunch of graphics they didn't include. ;)

Incidentally, it's an inch from kicking the living crap out of my GF2 GTS Pro =O
added on the 2002-06-26 04:26:20 by Shifter Shifter
"I really wonder what they do with all that diskspace, it can't be the bunch of graphics they didn't include. ;)"

you don't think it could be the mp3 soundtrack?
added on the 2002-06-26 10:27:03 by _ _
sound reminded me a lot of the band funkstörung. does anyone remember the video "grammy winners" they did with designers republic? .that. one had brillant syncs...
added on the 2002-06-26 10:39:24 by fiver2^fB fiver2^fB
i remember the band "funkstörung" at dialogos. Ha ha. (Kommt doch alle mal in den vorderen Raum, die Band spielt schon seit einer halben Stunden ;). fiver. hmm, "Grammy Winers" from Funkstörung or from this group?
added on the 2002-06-26 13:11:58 by diver diver
simply good
rulez added on the 2002-06-26 20:08:19 by _-_-__ _-_-__
_ : I'd love to think they needed a bloody 4Mb .mp3 for it, but a sub-1Mb XM might've done the same job :)
added on the 2002-06-27 03:25:37 by Shifter Shifter
I thought this was cool and different, but didn't care for the music one tiny bit. And maybe it's just me, but couldn't this be done more effectively in software rendering?? I've seen a few nice anti-aliased wireframe software engines in other productions.
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 06:41:36 by sea_monkey sea_monkey
Haven't had this feeling since hplus.
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 08:24:55 by flow flow
shifter: i don't say they needed a big fucking mp3, just saying that's what the space went to <g>.

i dunno know why they keep insisting on using extreme overkill on everything... can't be bothered to do a proper job?

flow: oh my god your mind must be heavily distorted.
added on the 2002-06-27 10:02:48 by _ _
I like the $ attitude, daring to produce the antithesis of blockbusters demos. Personnaly i was waiting for something more coherent, but i give my thumbs up for the second part which i really liked.
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 10:14:15 by willbe willbe
seems like we can give up coding effects and sync boring stuff instead ;)
added on the 2002-06-27 11:03:07 by superplek superplek
and why is everybody ranting his ass off about sw/hw rendering.. WHO GIVES A GODDAMN FUCK
added on the 2002-06-27 11:04:08 by superplek superplek
fuck demos, lets art
added on the 2002-06-27 11:07:24 by flow flow
fuck art.
let's hedfuq.
added on the 2002-06-27 11:27:42 by _ _
the first one to use that line or a variation of it deserves a straight gutshot
added on the 2002-06-27 13:29:41 by superplek superplek
Only if the gutshot is software rendered.
nice job.
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 19:15:22 by skypher skypher
great! If only the music was an .XM...
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 19:33:13 by moT moT
thi$ i$ pr€tt¥.

what's the point in complaining about the size, sure it could have been 3 megs smaller with some (lower quality) tracked music, but maybe they didn't have a tracker musician at hand, or perhaps they just wanted to use this specific piece - is that a crime?
rulez added on the 2002-06-27 20:00:15 by saffron saffron
teh size doe matter!!

Anyways.. gimme the brainfuck program!
rulez added on the 2002-07-04 21:01:55 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
added on the 2002-07-07 22:07:44 by picazzo picazzo
added on the 2002-07-07 22:07:54 by picazzo picazzo
rulez added on the 2002-07-08 17:16:39 by diver diver
well, i don't think it's meant to be as crude as a simply "brainfuck program"; on the contrary i'd say the concept is simply glitch-inspired.

a portrait of "the broken machine", if you ask me...
rulez added on the 2002-07-18 13:42:06 by sofokles sofokles
I like the "let's construct something" idea, but they didn't work it out very well IMO
added on the 2002-07-22 01:03:03 by cyraxx cyraxx
rulez added on the 2002-11-02 11:49:22 by lai lai
me likes
(even that I hate triangle-shaped wireframes. all should be n-gons)
rulez added on the 2002-11-02 15:40:30 by droid droid
Very nice .... actionpacked, but stil somewhat dreamy and abstract
rulez added on the 2002-11-11 13:53:59 by Krokohunter Krokohunter
mom, my sketch block does wierd stuff.
rulez added on the 2003-01-04 10:41:20 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
I brought my pencil
Rocks !!
rulez added on the 2003-01-04 10:53:11 by Mike 3D Mike 3D

i must admit its impressive but consists of things i seen before, nothing unexpected. however, its result is what matters, and result == !

(+ ran way smoooooth on tnt2/c600/128ram in low budget mode)

rulez added on the 2003-02-21 07:30:08 by raver raver
day part is too schoolish
night part is relaxing
overall not very good
rulez added on the 2004-09-12 15:18:08 by ninja ninja
This one definately is different. Haven't really seen something like it until then. And it's also funny, maybe because it's really totally unexpected when you see it the first time...
rulez added on the 2004-09-14 11:42:43 by EarlGrey EarlGrey
added on the 2004-12-07 21:39:52 by Frozzy Frozzy
wtf?! and 3 megabytes?! and ugly as hell?! and, pleease, in the name of humanity, look up the word "music" in a dictionary...
(but i have to admit, there was about a fraction of a second which i almost enjoyed)
sucks added on the 2004-12-08 00:57:41 by blala blala
Nice idea, but a bit boring. Size could have been intro…
added on the 2005-07-26 16:59:24 by bastArt77 bastArt77
fucking cool.
rulez added on the 2005-09-23 15:30:31 by Gargaj Gargaj
great music and visuals, and it worked on danes computer
rulez added on the 2005-09-23 16:05:57 by hollowman hollowman
unique design and great music, if short
rulez added on the 2005-12-08 11:34:31 by Gaia Gaia
very original & nice sounds. the end was strangely relaxing.
rulez added on the 2005-12-09 04:30:43 by dila dila
first part made me recall this prod
second part was a little boring, still...
rulez added on the 2005-12-09 06:08:02 by Inorix Inorix
Yeah, I'm happy there's an escape key.
sucks added on the 2005-12-09 09:47:00 by StingRay StingRay
dobre w chuj
rulez added on the 2005-12-16 16:46:04 by wie8 wie8
Fresh zik & mood.
rulez added on the 2006-06-09 05:11:47 by bdk bdk
awesome kickin soundtrack. I was expecting more contrast and maybe things flying around in time a bit more more... but still good. Esp on todays hardware :-)
rulez added on the 2007-03-04 13:15:09 by cTrix cTrix
one of their finest
rulez added on the 2007-12-05 22:51:41 by psenough psenough
in your face
rulez added on the 2008-01-29 04:18:25 by Weyland Yutani Weyland Yutani
rulez added on the 2009-02-18 14:09:06 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
rulez added on the 2009-06-06 20:31:54 by Frequent Frequent
rulez added on the 2009-07-12 13:59:32 by 4mat 4mat
somewhat generic, still nice with its construction-like look&feel
rulez added on the 2009-12-06 23:29:46 by T$ T$
Looks very cool in "high budget" mode, a really stark visual style and interesting theme.
rulez added on the 2010-02-13 01:04:31 by Claw Claw
Love it!

Runs very well in high-budget mode with GMA3100 too :-)
rulez added on the 2012-06-09 23:09:45 by noby noby
Still a bit too arbitrary visually, but overall, it works for me.
rulez added on the 2014-05-06 09:55:28 by tomaes tomaes
Really interesting style, though I feel like more could've been done with this concept. Still, deserves a thumb up.
rulez added on the 2020-06-14 02:54:33 by isocosa isocosa

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