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.werkkzeug1 by .theprodukkt
screenshot added by chaos on 2004-06-16 10:20:50
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release date : june 2004
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added on the 2004-06-16 10:20:50 by chaos chaos

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now there is a demotool category! GOOD.
added on the 2004-06-16 10:23:01 by chaos chaos
hrhrhrhr :)
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 10:30:57 by BoyC BoyC
first time ever i thumb up an editor :D
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 10:34:05 by Gargaj Gargaj
nice :D
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 10:43:01 by slashy slashy
a _very_ reserved thumb up.

werkkzeug does some things _very_ well but is highly lacking in the sync/design department.

or i just can't use it properly ;-)
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 10:52:48 by uncle-x uncle-x
rulez for the sole fact of releasing it!
although i was almost a bit disappointed..
i always thought of it as THE tool..
but afterall even farbrausch-coders seem to be plain human lazy demo-coders.. ;))
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 12:11:33 by toxie toxie
remember, it's the man, not the machine ;)
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 12:13:10 by zoom zoom
Greetings to TCC Design.
added on the 2004-06-16 12:41:48 by break break
If I see one thumb down it shall die! :P
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 13:52:32 by cerror cerror
hi cerror!
sucks added on the 2004-06-16 13:56:00 by skrebbel skrebbel
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 14:12:34 by ileaardbei ileaardbei
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 14:52:38 by superplek superplek
sweet tool. a nice inspiration to those who make their own stuff. too bad i hate gui-coding ;)
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 15:30:41 by kusma kusma
sucks added on the 2004-06-16 15:51:47 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Guess I commented a dub earlier, so here I go agian:

This tool, along with addict, was my number one inspiration when developing my own tool. It's extremely powerfull, and yet not a total pain in the ass to use.

Finally it's possible to see one of the best tools around in action.
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 18:14:26 by wb wb
bit german interface but worked for me :) Can I now make a demo with glowing dolphins?
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 18:15:52 by jugi jugi
nice Interface.
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 18:56:43 by got got
Ich kann damit nicht umgehen. Ich hörte aber es rult.
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 19:13:38 by elend elend
TRSI demo maker on Amiga was highly controversial.. But as long as Chaos will release updates of this demo maker I guess it's ok ;-)
sucks added on the 2004-06-16 19:45:52 by magic magic
extra-professionalish <3
rulez added on the 2004-06-16 23:22:15 by soolta soolta
what about source code?
especially for http://xdata.org.ru
Every group has a demo tool, i have vrstudio, we have also smode. I believe making such a well designed, complete and efficient tool such as wz1 is really harder than some believe. Just look at the resulting demos and you will clearly understand what I'm talking about.
Also when I saw the ASM03 video, I really understood that chaos and his dudes has something I wasn't able to express clearly, known as "turn around times".
In short, this is really interesting, but I bet no one will be able to do better than what fr did with it anyway.
Thank you guys, you are great.
rulez added on the 2004-06-17 01:05:57 by Sanx Sanx
It looks so good and has a tutorial too. I might have a look at it just out of curiosity. I was very amazed by the big ammount of work behind this thing. I always thought that the demoscene is about coding demos, not applications. This is too much work for me, I am going back to the CPC! :)
rulez added on the 2004-06-17 09:43:17 by Optimus Optimus
after playing around with this for an hour I can say it's very well designed. ok, i can't use it well (and probably never want to), but the productions made with this proves the possiblities of .werkkzeug. likely the 2nd best demotool, right after the demopaja.
rulez added on the 2004-06-17 11:43:34 by shadez shadez
At first sight it is not very intuitive, but after spending some time with it i find it easy to use the GUI. I like that store and load thing so i can reuse structures without filling up the whole screen :)

Not the best user interface, but that is not a bad thing actually...there is so much possibilites hidden here that it`s funny to explore this demotool :)
rulez added on the 2004-06-17 12:05:55 by Zplex Zplex
Thanks for FR for letting the scene have a peak at their tool! The whole operator stacking concept is really interesting, and it is good to see it in action. I dislike the custom GUI, however, since many of my favorite Windows key shortcuts don't work. I expect many people to build on these concepts and make some really nice tools.
rulez added on the 2004-06-18 06:59:52 by s_tec s_tec
haven't used it, so no thumb, but it's a good thing to release for others to learn from, and we have all seen the prods coming out of it. :)
added on the 2004-06-18 07:17:51 by gloom gloom
Just clicked right through the tutorial, but from this it looks like a very mighty tool...
Well, what I don't like is the syncing stuff and that it seems to be not expendable on your own, like say add a new pixel shader or a function of your own

still great tool, respects for all the effort!
rulez added on the 2004-06-18 11:33:03 by Hopper/SquoQuo Hopper/SquoQuo
TRSI demo maker on Amiga was highly controversial.. But as long as Chaos will release updates of this demo maker I guess it's ok ;-)

Sigh, stop comparing things that can't be compared. This ain't no lame "demo maker"; it's all a step beyond that. But you're probably too stupid to see any of that, just as you're too stupid to produce anything in the years you've been laming around.

Choke on your goddamn Amiga, fool.
added on the 2004-06-18 12:13:14 by superplek superplek
plek: when trsi demomaker was released you had no clue about what a demo was.
Shut the fuck up once and for all and respect people who made things while you were still pooping your pants.
besides that, werkkzeug1 is impressive.
rulez added on the 2004-06-19 04:33:44 by stm stm
Supersuperplek: don't take my comment to serious. It wasnt ment serious. Proof: i havent owned an amiga for 8 years now i got a pc :) We produced quite alot actually see:



Thanx for your attention. BTW, Chaos good job!
added on the 2004-06-19 08:52:55 by magic magic
Awesome. But of course this is a (hugely powerful) demomaking tool. I think the comparison with TRSI's demo maker was somewhat appropriate.

Respect to Chaos. Its a superb interface and just a jaw droppingly simple to use method of constructing demos.
rulez added on the 2004-06-20 21:34:30 by Mtl Mtl

Shut the fuck up once and for all and respect people who made things while you were still pooping your pants.

It's funny to see how certain "oldschoolists" or those who relentlessly romanticize it fail to place things in the right perspective. We've been moving on you know.

And Magic, what is it *you* do? Tell me!
added on the 2004-06-20 21:45:13 by superplek superplek
And yeah I guess I'll have to respect everyone who made something before I passed my early youth.. Right.

Dumb idiot.
added on the 2004-06-20 21:46:18 by superplek superplek
Got the tool yesterday, and by last night I was already starting to make sense of how it works. Fairly easy to learn and quite powerful, since a couple of REALLY GOOD demos were made with it.
rulez added on the 2004-06-25 10:43:22 by Iwudacus Iwudacus
very nice tool indeed. I've had a reasonable play with it, and I like the way it works. Only thing i really miss in it is the ability to do more complex linking than the basic stacking.
rulez added on the 2004-06-25 11:20:47 by psonice psonice
Well, it's really really good, but it's a demotool, so here is a piggie.
added on the 2004-06-29 13:04:10 by kerb kerb
psionice: that's what loads/stores are there for.
added on the 2004-07-11 21:18:47 by ryg ryg
**non-standard GUI**, lack of documentation, lack of API
sucks added on the 2004-07-23 15:14:04 by sylphin sylphin
sylphin, it's not a fucking commercial program! it's just used for demos!
added on the 2004-07-23 15:48:08 by dodke dodke
Well, I'm having fun fooling around with it, though I have to admit this is kind of depressing to use =)
rulez added on the 2004-07-23 16:21:19 by Nezbie Nezbie
hummm ... well I think I forgot to thumb-up this one ... No more comments on this except : "Kinda rulezz" :)
rulez added on the 2004-07-25 14:15:35 by slippy slippy
make more demos.
rulez added on the 2004-07-25 16:01:37 by tintoitaly tintoitaly
plek: when trsi demomaker was released you had no clue about what a demo was.

Ooh, I love a man who isn't embarassed of his oviously deprecated point of view. Plek may be a slacker, but he's obviously more in the loop about demos nowadays than you are.

Idiot. Amiga-shirt-wearing nutjob. etc.
added on the 2004-07-28 05:03:36 by Shifter Shifter
Forgot the thumb.

Also forget these: Cretin. Horse-fellatist. Imbecile. Cucumber. Infantile.
rulez added on the 2004-07-28 05:05:31 by Shifter Shifter
rulez added on the 2004-07-28 06:25:21 by teel teel
shifter: YEEEIIII ;)
rulez added on the 2004-07-30 22:19:48 by sjaak sjaak
stm: boohoo ;)
added on the 2004-07-30 22:21:26 by sjaak sjaak
Setting up the camera sucks serious ass! And timing is based on 4/4 only. The one thing I've noticed about Werkkzeug is it's really only optimal for "stick it in the center and rotate to techno" style demos, which is exactly what I'm trying *not* to do.

I am a frustrated boy.
@frustrated boy: learn to code :)
added on the 2004-08-22 00:53:19 by cruzer cruzer
No. Coding is boring.
Coding is what demos are all about.
added on the 2004-08-22 03:33:34 by cruzer cruzer
tell that blatant lie to musicians and graphicians. you know...those people that make coders look less bad ;)
added on the 2004-08-22 05:13:35 by Shifter Shifter
i must say with werkkzeug is it possible to make high quality looking demos, without any coding knowledge.
All people who says that coding is all about a demo, i can only say without a musican and a good gfxler and without a good idea it will give no demos...
So don`t cry every time that only coder make it possible to produce good demos.
That is totaly bullshit...

I must say you need many knowledge to produce with werkkzeug good intros and demos and not really everyone can to that...

I love werkkzeug, because it is the only real democreating tool that really works and the system behind werkkzeug is great, too.

If the other coders are to dump to write there own tool, then they must be still and don't say shit about good Tools ;)

You can hate me for my mind, but thats what i am think...

**FREE YOUR MIND** keep that words and think about...

to the werkkzeug team, keep up your good work, and give a fuck to all those envious people...
rulez added on the 2004-09-03 02:32:07 by wickedz wickedz
someone coded your apps :)
Sweet release.. a nice motivator to go further with our own tool :)
rulez added on the 2004-09-03 09:40:23 by Vulture Vulture
@RA5MUS yes that's right, but only coding did not make a demo.
A demo contains more as code that is what i mean ;)
added on the 2004-09-03 15:43:03 by wickedz wickedz
Here take a look at what a none Farbrausch guy can do with the werkkzeug
Link to the Demo

This is a rebuild from the fr-019 demo and it is in 64kb.
That rebuild is completely done by myself only the tune is not from me ;-)
added on the 2004-09-13 05:55:30 by wickedz wickedz
wickedz: if you haven't had access to the original fr-019 .k1 source, that's BRiLLiANT! i love the colors :)
rulez added on the 2004-09-13 07:30:49 by Zest Zest
Hi Zest no i have no access to the original fr-019 .k1 source. I have rebuild it completly alone for help i have made many screenshots of the original demo and i watched it many many many times ;)
added on the 2004-09-13 21:20:29 by wickedz wickedz
wickedz: try to do your own production.
rulez added on the 2004-09-15 16:32:50 by Bux Bux
hmm. forgot to vote...
stacking is a strike of genius, and i don't care about the rest :)
rulez added on the 2004-09-19 21:39:51 by blala blala
actually this should be called "operators-trees"
rulez added on the 2004-09-19 22:14:00 by apricot apricot
best thing since razorsvoyage.
thx FR! i luv wz :D
rulez added on the 2004-09-29 15:28:19 by madMixx madMixx
a thumb up, and my advice:
that's absolute flair.
giving one more demo tool is good, but the experimentation and succesful research about procedural coding done on this elevate us all.
rulez added on the 2004-09-30 11:00:31 by krabob krabob
Impressive tool, when chaos showed this at asm03 seminar I was so amazed.
rulez added on the 2004-10-19 17:21:00 by blueflame blueflame
rulez added on the 2004-10-20 13:54:12 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
Not bad for rapid prototyping.
Reminds me a bit on an image processing software but they use pipes and not the idea of stacking.
rulez added on the 2005-02-22 14:12:59 by Cj Cj
rulez added on the 2005-07-25 17:17:12 by doctoreternal doctoreternal
it's looks great really , but how cani find any good tutorials about it please ?
pr0 looking! Geez, I want to know how to use it :/
rulez added on the 2005-11-12 00:01:16 by wrthlss wrthlss
rulez added on the 2005-12-04 11:11:15 by wie8 wie8
Good tool. Neat idea with solving the DAG problem!
rulez added on the 2006-04-26 22:32:19 by Xetick Xetick
GOD i love this thing! i use it all the time. i wish i could show u some stuff i made. to compromise between the last two comments, you should create a werkkzeug that has a text editor for creating custom operators, like "Vertex Shader" with a "Fluid Mesh" bit, or HDR lighting in lights, or dynamic occlusion lighting. like an open werkkzeug, that way you don't have to go in and edit and compile your code any time you make an operator. e-mail me if it's a good idea
rulez added on the 2006-05-14 05:43:22 by esepc40991 esepc40991
i don't know why but it seems ugly to me. ok maybe as a tool it is great but still something is wrong with it...
sucks added on the 2006-07-27 17:50:08 by decipher decipher
NOW it is time for posting some words bout farbrausch coolest stuff ever,

TO ALL the fr, members, the big comunity,

since 2004 as farbrausch released their werkkzeug1 tool, they promised to make support, and updates...

they did not...

we followed them all the years, from party to party, in hope to get positive vibs from them.....

they did not!


they PRAY bout their new tool(s)... but nothing is posted still then this time....

farbrausch splitt the scene, and killed good coders work...

not this is time to do so....

we have build many MODS, from their gloury tool, and will update it for them, because, they CAN speak, very
glory, bout it (like Albert EINSTIEN with his ATOM BOMB!)....

the level is the same....

what fr. did is very enourmus, they said...

they have done very nice stuff with their tool, hope one time they will get the german "Bundes VerdienstKreuz",
for their great work....

Never mind....

the paper is also blah, blah, like their own bibel.....

next what we want to mod, is the v2m sound system, making an bugfree update.....

so cheers! you must not release something, in the future, we will do it for you!
rulez added on the 2006-09-05 20:09:42 by sziller sziller
I was very surprised as Farbrausch have released this back then. I had thought that the release of Werkkzeug would be a blessing to the scene... Unfortunately, it was not.

One would think that it allows a group without a coder to do something. But in fact, everything that i have seen come out of it has at least the same basic flaw: the tool needs good hardware understanding to get some proper result out of it, so if some individual or group without a coder uses it, they produce poop. And when there is a decent coder in a group, it is below the groups' honor to use that - in part because everything that can be done with this tool has already been shown in and out. Plus a great deal of experience as a graphician is requiered from prior work with "normal" software packages. And decent experienced graphician unable to find himself a proper group... HALLO? So all that is released with it is and stays poop.

And then there are those kids whom this makes consider themselves "1337 dEMOsCENERs". Almost worse than those who get Darkbasic or "professional" Gamemaker and want to do better than Konami, ID, Valve, whonot.
added on the 2006-09-05 21:44:47 by eye eye
Forgot the thumb. The quality and the ideas behind it deserve one.
rulez added on the 2006-09-05 21:45:43 by eye eye
A fantastic tool, really...
rulez added on the 2006-10-03 13:12:54 by parabellum parabellum
So 3 years later after it`s release the conclusion is that this tool wasn`t used so much in the demoscene. Maybe it`s a good thing :)
added on the 2007-04-28 18:51:06 by Zplex Zplex
opstacking si teh futare!
rulez added on the 2007-04-28 18:58:22 by post malone post malone
Not has useful has V2.
rulez added on the 2007-04-28 19:22:26 by xernobyl xernobyl
added on the 2007-04-28 19:39:47 by dila dila
Nice but hard to learn.
rulez added on the 2007-06-23 14:54:10 by TOMPCpl TOMPCpl
video please
added on the 2008-01-22 23:46:59 by skrebbel skrebbel
Nice and powerful demotool. Great job!
rulez added on the 2008-05-05 16:07:49 by untel untel
Powerful tool, I respect these guys so much for releasing this!
rulez added on the 2008-08-02 21:52:38 by d3pth d3pth
When I saw WZ for the first time I was astonished by its simplicity/power. And chaos' seminars was enlighting and facinating. Soon after I begun working on my own tool, unaware of the huge effort that must have been put into WZ. The produkkt has changed my life, but not yet made me 100% happy. Thank you for everything.
rulezcdc added on the 2008-08-04 01:39:52 by neoneye neoneye
rulez added on the 2008-11-02 17:07:39 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
It's not very good tool@!@@@!! If I press button I get no Ppopular debrids!!! I want demio creationer not stupid blockstacker!!! >:(
rulez added on the 2008-11-02 17:45:23 by okkie okkie
had a lot of fun with it :)
rulez added on the 2009-02-18 18:14:17 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
This one was great regarding the large amount of great fr intros made with it, and making it public inspired many others while coding similar tools. Unfortunately, giving it away also flooded the competitions with those dreaded "just another WZ prod" intros...
rulez added on the 2009-03-14 22:36:08 by T$ T$
rulez added on the 2009-04-13 21:04:15 by kaoD kaoD
i'll put my cdc here as soon as i get enough glops
rulezcdc added on the 2009-04-28 23:21:39 by unc unc
made me happy. thanks
added on the 2009-04-30 19:20:49 by unc unc
rulez added on the 2009-05-01 09:26:15 by Ized Ized
the source of all evil!
rulez added on the 2009-11-15 23:27:55 by v3nom v3nom
It can create masterpieces in right hands!
rulezcdc added on the 2010-04-25 20:50:01 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
Fantastic thing!
It can do such things if you know it...
fb's releases is a proofvids to this fact :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-30 23:40:18 by closed closed
I'm honnestly surprised that there is no tutorials on youtube for this tool.
rulez added on the 2010-08-21 10:10:44 by jobromedia jobromedia
Still a good tool for making serious intros/demos even in these days -> look what Quite can do with it.
rulez added on the 2012-05-25 15:23:33 by jack-3d jack-3d
too hard to use. it also crashes often.
added on the 2017-02-24 21:32:51 by Flashira Flashira
werkkzeug3 source is available here, altona and werkkzeug4 source and binaries (\o/ yay!) are available here.

cool demotool is cool!
rulez added on the 2017-02-24 22:30:40 by Defiance Defiance
too hard to use. it also crashes often.

It's 2004 technology what do you expect.
added on the 2017-02-24 22:45:42 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
rulez added on the 2017-02-25 00:21:31 by SiR SiR
worst musicdisk ever
rulez added on the 2017-06-21 17:58:03 by nagz nagz

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