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Intel Outside 1994 results

11-12.08  Intel Outside 94. (taken from ExoticA - http://exotica.fix.no/ )
IO94 was held at the Stodola Student Club in Warzaw, Poland by Mystic and
Union for the amiga scene. This was the first of several Intel Outside
parties, and due to heavy advertising in Poland's largest amiga magazine at
the time, Magazyn Amiga, about 500 people showed up for the event! This made
it (probably) the biggest scene event so far in Poland. It was also the
first polish scene event to feature live music; a disco-techno-pop band
called Jamrose performed on the stage. The organizers hired a stripper to
perform at the event also, though this was reportedly a more impulsive idea.
The main organizer was Easy Rider, with support from Mr.Root (pr), Docent
(money, hardware, software), The Generat (compos) and Irek P. (spreading).
The first price for the demo competition was an A1200 (or possibly an A600,
details are sketchy). It was probably the one and only polish party with a
professional sound engineer, plus a steam and light show during the music
performance. A small cafeteria was open throughout the event, until they
eventually ran out of food and beverages...
  Thanks to Raf/Katharsis for information.

· Results from resultsfile with the header 'Hi dudes!'.
  note - Text in the resultfile implies there IS NO official result file, so
  this is probably the most complete results anywhere (certainly the most
  complete I've seen), pieced together as best we can... ;)

amdemo  1.  Mystic "Ilex".
        2.  Beton Design "Rumble Rubble".
        3.  Illusion "Abberrations".
        xx. Mystic "Dirt".
        xx. Union "Strip-Tease".
        xx. Flying Cows Inc. "??".
        xx. Freezers "Outland".

am40k   1.  Delta "Mad Man".
        2.  n/a
        3.  n/a
        4.  Mystic "Atom".
        xx. Appendix "40k Intro".
        xx. Funzine "Intro".
        xx. Illusion "Ratapik Pulez".
        xx. Intruders "First Intro".
        xx. Ozone Free "Yo!".
        xx. TRSI "Raytro".
        xx. Union "40k".
        xx. Venture "Just A Little Smile".

gfx     1.  Yoga/Mystic "Rudzielec".
        2.  Lazur/Union "Marysia".
        3.  Animal/Union "Pozytywka".

raytrac 1.  Pic/Union
        2.  Berserker/INV.
        3.  Kalf/Venus Art.

music   1.  Tap/TRSI "Ballad After Dinner".
        2.  XTD/Mystic and TRSI "Reassurance".
        3.  Spiryt/The Edge "Raining Blues".

music   Illusion "Veramid" (amiga musicdisk).
        Mystic "Vision Of The Art" (amiga slideshow).
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