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Little Computer People 1998 results

LCP98 compoentrys

There were three compos. One for demos (c64, amiga500),
one for graphics (c64) and one for music (c64). Since
the compodisks were stolen right after they had been
showed on the bigscreen we have lost some of the entrys
in the democompo. We discovered that the compodisks were
gone just when the time had come for the voting. Everyone
was drunk and chaos emerged, so no voting occured. Hehe..
This means there are no official results to be reported
from LCP98. Snort..

Here's the filez we managed to get hold of though. The
c64-files is in .d64-format and the amigademos is in
.dms-format. If you feel that your entry is not among
these files, don't hesitate sending it to me, and I'll
spread it. For example, I would like to get a working
copy of "spice up your life"/TRIAD. My copy was broken.

See you at LCP99!


Party archive @ ftp.scene.org
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