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Iris New Year Conference 1991 results

27-28.12  Iris New Year Conference 92.
IRIS91 was held in a city called Nesles la Vallee near Paris, France.
Despite spanning two days in date-terms, it was a 24-hour overnight party.
Entrance fees were set to 60ff prepaid or 80ff at the door with no
equipment, and half that if you brought your amiga along. It was the second
big French Amiga party of the year, following the Cyclone Party in august.
About 400 people attended, making the rented room a very crowded - and HOT -
one. Please note that it _WAS_ called the Iris New Year Conference 92,
despite the fact that it was held very late 91... There was a short exposition
with some Amiga companies.
  20 Demos were shown for the amiga competition. 34 tunes competed in the
music competition, but only 8 pictures for the graphics competition.
Strangely, the graphics competition was time- and content-limited; it had to
be done in max 6 hours and have a theme from ancient egypt. Why, one might
ask oneself... First price for the demo competition was a 100mb hard disk
and 2mb ram. For the music competition first prize was 50 empty disks and a
copy of Bars & Pipes Pro.

· Information from invitation text.
· Information and 'results' from party report in Freedom Crack #8.
· Information and 'results' from party report in Grapevine #8.
· Information from mini party report in an issue of Majic 12's "Top Secret".
· Party Report from Brainwasher of Eremation.

invit   Iris "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Dreamdealers "Inner Vision".
        2.  Devils "Colors".
        3.  Syntex "??".
        4.  Advanced Artists of Angels "Sunrise".
        xx. Analog "First Blood".
        xx. EOC 1999 "7th Sense" (also released at The Party).
        xx. Toxic Trooper "Megademo".
        xx. TSB "New Year Dentro".
        xx. Willow "Hexa".

gfx     1.  Elmer/Symbiosis "Pharao Head".
        2.  Goofy/Iris.
        3.  Yan/Analog.
        4.  Stingray/Analog.

music   1.  Audiomonster/The Silents & Anarchy "Lover Breath".
        2.  Moby/Dreamdealers "88 Funky Avenue".
        3.  Steel/Hertz.
        4.  Enzo.
        5.  ???
        6.  ???
        7.  ???
        8.  Gryzor/Dmacon "v.o.x".
        xx. Dany "Dany's Voice".
        xx. Doh/Delight "Smooth Shadows".
        xx. Blue Silence/Devils "After The New Sea".
        xx. Sharp/TSB "Mystic Lights".
        xx. Splitter/TSB "Profil".
        xx. Sun/Dreamdealers "Savage Ride".
        xx. Twist/Sphere & Clawz/Extreme "Sleever II"
        xx. ??? "Temps Affaire".
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