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Anarchy Easter Party 1992 results

   04.04  Anarchy Easter Party 92.
Held at The Civic Hall in Barnsley, England by Anarchy. a bar and food
supplier was promised around the clock. In the invitation it was called just
the Anarchy Party '92, but the monicker above seems to be the one most
commonly used in hindsight.

· Information from official invitation text by Judge Drokk/Anarchy.

amdemo  1.  Anarchy "Krestmass Leftovers".
        2.  Digital "Trash".
        3.  Anarchy "Legalise It...".

gfx     1.  Fast Eddie/Anthrox.
        2.  Marty/Goldfire.
        3.  Azi/Digital.

music   1.  Hein Design/Vision.
        2.  Yaz/Digital.
        3.  Dan Reid Marr.

other   Desire "Channel-X".
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