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Assembly 2003 results

ASSEMBLY'03 -- asm03.asmparty.net

Complete results on August 10th, 2003. Final results will be published in a few days.

Party archive at ftp.scene.org, ftp.edome.net and assembly.modeemi.fi.

[ Street Basketball ]

1. Team Rixu
2. Team Luistelijat
3. Oil Wrestling Högfors

[ CD Throwing ]

1. Tuomas Launiainen	74,6m
2. Mikko Vihanto 	74,0m
3. Kai Takanen 		72,5m

[ Disk Throwing ]

1. Antti Pohjola 	74,6m
2. Kai Takanen 		66,5m
3. Tony Herranen 	48,0m

[ Soccer ]

1. Team-RiXu
2. Hollola
3. Interpolate

[ Counter-Strike ]

1. Cascades
2. Hashpipe
3. whyOwhy

[ Warcraft 3 ]

1. DS'Chemi
2. DS'Gorthaur 
3. DS'Magik

[ UT2003 ]

1. DS'Skitso
2. DS'Da*Gibber
3. Zygote

[ Game Development ]

1. 	7868p 	Rekkaturvat - Truck Dismount [Win32] by tAAt 2003 
2. 	5118p 	Pekka Kana 2 [Win32] by Piste Gamez / Janne Kivilahti 
3. 	3938p 	Netpuck [Win32] by Lucid 
4. 	3564p 	Frontal Assault [Win32] by XZM & tAAt 
5. 	3129p 	Äyskäröintipeli - The Bailer [Linux] by Lasi Interactive 
6. 	2528p 	Space Adventure of Small Ship [Win32, Linux] by Paulus Selin 
7. 	1442p 	Steel Slayers [Win32] by Fingersoft 
8. 	1162p 	Raid over London [Win32] by Dreamdust 
9. 	966p 	Shooting Star [Win32, Linux] by 2ndpoint 
10. 	415p 	Cspace [Win32] by Whiptek 

[ Fast Music ]

1. 	4741p 	Back to Roots by Ari "artz" Pulkkinen 
2. 	2820p 	Parempi kuin Pekka by Aikapallo 
3. 	2761p 	kebab'n'bass by gremino 
4. 	2216p 	455emblytango by tArzAn/tAAt 
5. 	1717p 	linnut by crud 
6. 	1575p 	break me up! by rimbi6000 
7. 	1090p 	Wrong Judgment by Ilem 
8. 	1048p 	Deep Sleep by BuG / Kuunsyke 
9. 	969p 	kesken jäänyt by moh 
10. 	935p 	A Sample of Water by Cairbre 

[ Fast Graphics ]

1. 	8470p 	magic ice cube of the caribbean by marzu 
2. 	3991p 	kylpyamme saevaeyttaeae! by john peeba 
3. 	3090p 	I f*cking hate laptops and mice by Partikle 
4. 	2467p 	Kalan pää by kebabkeisari / tAAt 
5. 	1612p 	Daffodil by Electric/Extend 
6. 	1493p 	Too hot a summer by Oozie 
7. 	1181p 	I like beer by paltsi 
8. 	1110p 	Wazzaaaapp by devil 

[ Drawn Graphics ]

1. 	3634p 	Parallel Twirl by Mazor / Scoopex 
2. 	3487p 	Female Melon Display Extraordinaire by DoC / FobiaDesign&DCS 
3. 	2680p 	Iso hali by toukka 
4. 	1937p 	Find the Little Green Men by Scottie 
5. 	1833p 	HOBO by Electric/Extend 
6. 	1806p 	Chick with Tac-2 by Reko / Instant Ejakulation 
7. 	1647p 	Kengaen Sovitus by john peeba 
8. 	1371p 	Genesis by Joil 
9. 	1236p 	Shipwreck survivor by phase1 of Creators 
10. 	1095p 	lihapiirakka by progress / 10tons 
11. 	1041p 	OCEAN DREAMS by Reload 
12. 	1032p 	One Drink in One Realm by Visualice 
13. 	841p 	Eagle by McK / Ananasmurska 
14. 	773p 	Crowned with thorns by Partikle 
15. 	756p 	Bloody wanker (left-handed) by paltsi 
16. 	737p 	Happy Trails Hans by Oozie 
17. 	705p 	Deadlock by Random 
18. 	679p 	Chicks On The Rocks by maxon 
19. 	365p 	Time to Choose by Rhasa 
20. 	221p 	Ryppyvoide by Flegeton 

[ Instrumental Music ]

1. 	2364p 	Acula class by !Cube / Armada + SCS*TRC + Skalaria 
2. 	1926p 	mist of deceit by quasian 
3. 	1789p 	Awaken by _pk_ 
4. 	1723p 	Betrayal by Firestorm / Doomsday 
5. 	1561p 	Iz Wah, Waz Wah, Fuzz Wah! by Exactly Precise 
6. 	1544p 	Plenty of fresh air and exercise by Crud / 10tons 
7. 	1534p 	That Pseudo-Funk Jam by Little Bitchard 
8. 	1402p 	Residue of Desire (feat. Timo Toivonen) by Milan Kolarovic (a.k.a. Acumen) 
9. 	1322p 	Morning By The Sea by Jo B1 
10. 	1238p 	Critical Damage by damage 
11. 	1178p 	Fading to Shade by NDi 
12. 	1158p 	Darkening Ocean by Havock 
13. 	866p 	Reprise by Heatbeat/CNCD 
14. 	796p 	Travelogue by Darth Vader / Group 
15. 	621p 	Jenin - Audio Exposition by Mr. Clock / Group 

[ Oldskool Graphics ]

1. 	2348p 	Ruiskumies [SNES] by asobu / wdc 
2. 	2262p 	2nd countess [C64] by Oxidy/Wrath Designs 
3. 	1982p 	Koryu [Amiga] by osku 
4. 	1967p 	Cutie Cliché [SNES] by Werp / WDC 
5. 	1776p 	Yessagician [Oric] by Dbug 
6. 	1663p 	Bubbling Panda [C64] by Britelite / Dekadence 
7. 	1554p 	Kosiomatka [C64] by kerma 
8. 	1319p 	Papillon [C64] by blackdroid / Wrath Designs 
9. 	1091p 	Katarri-Helena [C64] by Venturus/Damage 
10. 	1029p 	Toijala [C64] by Duce/Extend 
11. 	1023p 	Yoshimi [C64] by Electric/Extend 
12. 	553p 	Clouds [C64] by Joe/Wrath Designs 

disq.	9286p	Captain Blackbeard [C64] by Phase1 & Mermaid / Creators 
		=> This entry was shown on the big screen, but the
		   entry was disqualified because it is a rip of another

[ Oldskool Music ]

1. 	5534p 	Cyberdragon [C64] by Reed / Fairlight 
2. 	2147p 	1, 2, 3, C-64 [XM] by Little Bitchard 
3. 	1785p 	Sister of The Last Ninja [C64] by Ferrara / phObos team 
4. 	1774p 	Popstar [C64] by Britelite / Dekadence 
5. 	1560p 	You can do it but Not like We do it! [XM] by Dubmood .Feat Zabutom 
6. 	1526p 	Amstrad Memories [XM] by Thor/Quadra 
7. 	1474p 	Eskon Kosto [S3M] by Signal 
8. 	1474p 	Mystic Method [C64] by jammic 
9. 	1463p 	Tokyo Nightwatch [Spectrum] by Gasman / Hooy-Program 
10. 	1442p 	Ancient Song [C64] by SounDemoN / Dekadence 
11. 	1276p 	Antti Returns to Lintuvaara [C64] by Ville Nurmi of www.c64hq.com 
12. 	1269p 	Homage [C64] by Ed/Wrath Designs 
13. 	1044p 	Helikopter [C64] by Jankha 
14. 	850p 	Sakkeus tule ulos seinästä [XM] by säästöpojat 
15. 	797p 	Nykyinen Virta [C64] by Teel / Matt Current ^ Faktory 

[ Oldskool Demo ]

1. 	8744p 	Robotic Liberation [VIC-20] by PwP 
2. 	6238p 	Victoria [VIC-20] by Dekadence 
3. 	5561p 	Hätä [Amiga] by dA JoRMaS 
4. 	3781p 	Alienate [Sinclair Spectrum] by Hooy-Program 
5. 	2379p 	Homage [C64] by Wrath Designs 

[ Mobile Game Development ]

1.	285p	King of the Cabbage World by Rapture Seekers
2.	215p	Icosa Battle Realm by Dream One
3.	85p	Morus by Jyrki Alakuijala, Jarkko Oikarinen, Henrik Rönnholm
4.	15p	Deadly Sins by ChairmanAndBoard
5.	0p	Space Squad by Oneup!

Winner of the Siemens SX-1 smartphone was team Morus.

[ Vocal Music ]

1. 	2489p 	pearls by aisth 
2. 	2213p 	Never Had A Gun In My Hand by Pete and Mike 
3. 	2081p 	Groove It by Exactly Precise 
4. 	2029p 	Liekit by Aikapallo 
5. 	1607p 	Tommi on Homo by Juho ja Hurrikaani 
6. 	1554p 	Tsjing Tsjing by TrAFo 
7. 	1530p 	Cyborg from hell by Dr.OOb of Goto Port 139 
8. 	1338p 	The Way of Peril by Firestorm / Doomsday 
9. 	1168p 	Me With Beans On Side by Poème 
10. 	1080p 	the dreaming by the ninth path (feat. ript, floopyb, steve of disasterarea) 

[ Freestyle Graphics ]

1. 	2755p 	My City [Photoshop/Tablet, Digi photo] by Visualice 
2. 	2267p 	Mental Inferno [Drawing, Photoshop] by Nek 
3. 	1750p 	1-800-xxx [Photoshop, Digi photo] by Marvel / Future Crew 
4. 	1708p 	A young girl with a detached hand [3D, Photoshop] by DeCoder // lucid 
5. 	1150p 	Surgeon's Picnic Mistake [3D, Digi photo, Photoshop] by Oozie 
6. 	1141p 	Sentinel [Drawing, Photoshop] by Erikthon 
7. 	1088p 	Decommissioned II [Digi photo, 3D, Photoshop] by spikey 
8. 	709p 	Carpathian [3D, Photoshop] by Dream Data 
9. 	694p 	It was the coolest thing they had ever seen [3D, Photoshop] by marzu 
10. 	601p 	Idiots [Magic ink markers, Photoshop] by Electric/Extend 
11. 	587p 	Flybutter [3D, Photoshop] by paltsi 
12. 	534p 	Kukka [3D, Photoshop] by Skyfox 
13. 	534p 	Mermaid [3D, Photoshop] by Antti Lehtinen 
14. 	383p 	Romutarha [Crayon] by Maketsu / Pear Factory 
15. 	377p 	Fishy [3D, Deep Paint] by Lik.sys / Goto10 
16. 	373p 	Pain [3D, Photoshop] by Ember 
17. 	295p 	Good living, bad liver [Digi photo, Illustrator, Photoshop] by murk of sONiK clique 
18. 	282p 	Strebske Pleso [Digi photo, 3D, Photoshop] by Frank / Orange 
19. 	270p 	Shaolin Lady [3D, Digi photo, dig. generated hair] by Ace/Marshals 
20. 	258p 	Sakkeuksen Peräkamari [Digi photo, drawing, Photoshop/PaintShop] by Sakkeus & zibo 
21. 	235p 	payback time [3D] by mad axel 
22. 	187p 	Cruising [Digi photo, Photoshop] by maxon 
23. 	175p 	Kaskelot Tango [Drawing, Photoshop] by Duce/Extend 
24. 	76p 	kikakika [Polaroids, Photoshop] by kataja 
25. 	63p 	Flying back home [Drawing, Photoshop] by scpl 

[ Browser Demo ]

1.	2826p 	super fantastic gaydisco all night long [Flash] by DAMONES & RNO 
2. 	2432p 	sUPERPOWERgirl [Flash] by Kone Creations 
3. 	2309p 	Linear Motion 2 [Flash] by kellari 
4. 	1942p 	w0rd! [Flash] by natural born chillaZ 
5. 	1724p 	Fragile [Flash] by Pyrotech 
6. 	936p 	bOOm [Flash] by Exca & Poro 
7. 	799p 	Jazz duck factory [Director] by Citec 
8. 	799p 	Flash Reality [Flash] by The Scampers 
9. 	743p 	NecroLurk [Flash] by wdom & K-statik 
10. 	656p 	Web Distortion [Flash] by Northern Dragons 
11. 	612p 	Diip [Flash] by Inapt 

[ Combined 4k Intro ]

1. 	11186p 	Yellow Rose of Texas [Linux] by Fit & Bandwagon 
2. 	3814p 	Humus 4 [Amiga] by Exploder / PUSH Entertainment 
3. 	3662p 	Topsy Turvy [Linux] by headcrash 
4. 	3380p 	AcidIce [Win32] by AND 
5. 	3348p 	Fistpig [Amiga] by Spaceballs and Ephidrena 
6. 	3112p 	Another Soul Lost [Win32] by Preacher 
7. 	1680p 	after taking x amount of various psychoactive substances, the world seemed.. [Win32] by Unique 
8. 	1617p 	DJ [Win32] by tonic 
9. 	1585p 	99 Beers [Win32] by Siffo 
10. 	1510p 	SpaceWorm [Win32] by BuG / Kuunsyke 
11. 	1238p 	Ust Nap [Linux] by Juippi & Trilkk & Warma 
12. 	889p 	Eight months [Win32] by Moonhazard 
13. 	681p 	Wandering Star [Linux] by hiteck 
14. 	616p 	Etherium [Win32] by Northern Dragons 

[ Combined 64k Intro ]

1. 	18181p 	Zoom3 [Win32] by AND + Cybermag 
2. 	6658p 	SVENSKARNA ÄR HÄR! (järn&stål&auw) [Win32] by cryonics 
3. 	6128p 	Leeko [Linux] by Fit 
4. 	3326p 	Skid Wrinkles - Jarrurypyt [Win32] by tAAt 2003 
5. 	3028p 	Oddjobb [Win32] by Kewlers 
6. 	1048p 	My Paper Pony [Linux] by Hipo / Lonely Coders 
7. 	1044p 	Transqlation [Win32] by Moonhazard 
8. 	985p 	raskasmetallia [Java] by aikarele 
9. 	812p 	Kolme Missifitti [Win32] by Deus ex Machina + Cryonics 
10. 	715p 	ruoste [Java] by proMille deZign 
11. 	608p 	vaara [Win32] by Aspekt 
12. 	293p 	kwark [Win32] by fingersoft 

[ Mobile Demo ]

1. 	8873p 	Anal Party IV [TI-86] by EhD 
2. 	6462p 	Septima [P800] by Yodel 
3. 	5714p 	Zion [P800] by Detour 
4. 	5569p 	love is a fix [Series 60] by cncd, komplex , orange 
5. 	5397p 	Monochromatic 2 [TI-83] by Noice 
6. 	3594p 	Political Statement With a Well Hidden Message [GBA] by MATT CURRENT 
7. 	2792p 	Evol. [GBA] by Karillon+Komplex 
8. 	1132p 	eff8 [Series 60] by portal project 
9. 	980p 	Counting Clouds [GBA] by Brainwave team 

[ Animation ]

1. 	8728p 	Kalja on loppu by Dice Production 
2. 	7092p 	Sword of 'Nur by Toni Hollming 
4. 	2780p 	Energy of The Atom by Jyri Tuulos 
5. 	2263p 	The Day That Earth Exploder by MAD Crew 

[ Wild Demo ]

1. 	9443p 	Grand Theft by Otherside 
2. 	5674p 	Röhkö ja Pöhkö - Ansa 2 by jadajada 
3. 	4018p 	LCD megademo by hedelmae 
4. 	2905p 	Cut & Paste - Hei me dissataan! by uBBu 
5. 	2333p 	Kanava X by Tekotuotanto 
6. 	2320p 	newborn by Fragile 
7. 	978p 	Betrayal at Böle by Tresaria Group 
8. 	685p 	The Trip by Low Budget Movies 
9. 	666p 	Todellisuus on vinossa by Numedia Cyclops 
10. 	617p 	Mitä sä paukutat henXeleitäs? by Unajadesign 
11. 	486p 	Ihmeneloset by Ihmeneloset 
12. 	378p 	Pako - trailer by Team Full Fiasko 
13. 	369p 	Incredible Hurk! by Group. 
14. 	260p 	shut up by kiivi films 

[ Combined Demo ]

1. 	11328p 	Legomania by Doomsday 
2. 	6544p 	ix by moppi productions 
3. 	3212p 	Doomsday [X-Box] by Complex 
4. 	2939p 	Dreamchild by Andromeda Software Development 
5. 	2834p 	Mental [Amiga] by PUSH Entertainment 
6. 	1815p 	A Significant Deformation Near The Cranium by Kewlers 
7. 	1567p 	PITT by David Hasselhoff Fan Club 
8. 	1206p 	A Study in Lines and Textures by Traction 
9. 	1187p 	Predator by mfx 
10. 	1017p 	3000 by RocketScience 
11. 	908p 	feed your machine by faktory 
12. 	820p 	fr-031: Faded Memories by Visualice, Chaos, Vic 
13. 	811p 	digital dynamix by fairlight 
14. 	504p 	we owe a cock to aesculapius by amc 

disq. 	6292p	I feel like a computer by Melon dezign 
		=> This entry was shown on the big screen, but the
		   entry was disqualified because of music copyright issues.

Party archive @ ftp.scene.org
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