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Assembly 1992 results

24-26.07  The Assembly 92 (http://www.assembly.org).
ASM92 was held at a school in Kerava, Finland by Rebels and Complex (main
organizers Meegosh/Rebels and Grendel/Complex & DataService) for the amiga,
pc and c64 scenes. Over 700 people attended, making it the biggest party
ever in Finland. Only Amiga contributions were shown on the big screen,
possibly due to video limitations? Ruben/Rebels opened the Assembly
conference at the main stage.

· Results from a resultfile that came with Demos of the World v3.0.
· PC demo results from the Shock! Party Results Pack 5.0.
· Results from Byterapers web page, http://byterapers.scene.org.
· Information from party report in Balance's "Magbox #2" (amiga).
· Additional info and results from these sources:
  - Intros from World Industries Partypack #1 & #2.
  - Intros from TEK Mindfunk #66.
  - Intros from Eclipse Crab Bag #1.
  - Party Gfx from Damage pack.

invit   Future Crew "Assembly 92 Invitation Intro" (pc).
        Rebels "Assembly 92 Invitation Intro" (amiga).
        Rebels and Complex "Assembly 92 Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Reflect "Sound Vision".
        2.  Complex "Delirium".
        3.  Nikki Corruptions "Piece of Mind".
        xx. Beyond Force "Mandelbrot".
        xx. Cyberiad "Ass Demo".
        xx. Parallax.
        xx. Soc. Brigade.
        xx. The Dark Demon.

amintro 1.  Vectra "Repo Intro".
        2.  Wizzcat.
        3.  Smirre/Vectra "Vector Hangover".
        xx. Banal Projects "Pia Fraus".
        xx. Chrome "Stolen Action Replay".
        xx. D-29  "Assemblytime".
        xx. Doodle Foundation "We Are Back".
        xx. Genocide "Nuketro".
        xx. Midnightsun "Dualism".
        xx. Parallax "Slaves Of Sex".
        xx. Razer & Heathen God Design "Cipher".
        xx. Rebels "Assembly".
        xx. Sonic "Irrepressible".
        xx. Stellar "Hard To Be God".
        xx. The Silents "Plasma Vectors".
        xx. World Industries "Assemblo".

pcdemo  1.  Future Crew "Unreal".
        2.  Hysteria "Hysteric Overload". [fixed by phx]
        3.  EMF "Internal Damage".
        xx. Sonic PC.

64demo  1.  Dual Crew "Gunnar 2".
        2.  Beyond Force "Oh No More Dots".
        3.  The Sharks "Technophobia".

gfx     1.  Iridon/Shining "Naughty Nymphs In Nature".
        2.  Dean/Cyberiad "Alternative Tequila".
        3.  Zei/Accession "Heavy Metal".
        xx. Boris/Banal "Sleeping Beauty".
        xx. Drifter "Monster".
        xx. Duce "Demonomania".
        xx. Gator/Stellar "Guardian".
        xx. Harlequin "Distant City".
        xx. Jugi/Complex "Delirium".
        xx. Kissarobotti/Parallax "Destiny Can Wait".
        xx. Marvel "Carcompo".
        xx. Mr.Greedy/Byterapers "Kossu".
        xx. Mutant/Dual Crew "Strenght & Beauty".
        xx. Rainman/Disknet "Shuttle".
        xx. Z (??) "Reptile".
        xx. unknown "Seal".
        xx. unknown "Werthers Skull".

music   1.  Misty and Daeron/Shining "Iridium".
        2.  Groo/Black Robes "Towards Immortality".
        3.  Stargazer/Sonic "Rubicon".
        xx. Megaman/Equinox "Walking Lonely".
        xx. Nutcase/Deadline "Lady".
        xx. Strobo/Stellar "Back To Music 2".
        xx. Strobo/Stellar "New Wave".

realtim 1.  Dweezil & Dean.
        2.  Alcatraz.
        3.  Black Robes & Dual Crew.

after   Cyberiad "Assembly 92 Slideshow" (amiga, 2 disks).
        World Industries "Partyslideshow" (amiga).
        Exotic Men party video (blasta have got it).
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