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IT/Razor 1911/Abnormal/Hoaxers/Network Gigaparty 1989 results

23-25.06  IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers, Network Gigaparty.
Held at a school in Heimdal, 10km from Trondheim, Norway by Razor 1911, It
(amiga), Hoaxers, Network and Abnormal (c64). Entrance fee was set to 50NKR.
There was easy access to a nearby shop and shopping centre. Mirage Int
organized a music competition, deadline saturday the 24th. Around 8
different groups competed with 25 songs. The legendary c64 cracking group
Illusion was formed at this party.

· c64 results from Abnormal's "Party Report" (c64 intro).
· Other information from these sources:
  - Chrome & Cube party time interviews, photos.
  - Razor 1911 partypack 1-3.

invit   Razor 1911 (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Cryptoburners "Wild Bunch".
        2.  The Arcadia Team "Demo".
        3.  Quackers "Blitter Pine".
        4.  T.E.C. "Demo 6".
        5.  Escape.
        6.  Ivory "Megademo".

64demo  1.  Zoko-Team.
        2.  Raw Deal Inc.
        3.  Shadows.
            Megastyle Inc "Brainstorm 3".
        5.  Hoaxers.
        6.  Magma.
        8.  Shape and TGT.
        9.  Exult.
        10. Fright.
        11. Fashion.
        12. Full Force.
        13. Equinoxe.
        14. Shockwave.

music   1.  Walkman/It "Skylight Skipper".
        2.  Titan "Spell".
        3.  Zoko Team "Afro Dance".
        4.  Razor 1911 "Party Jine".
        5.  Chrome/Outlaws "Dragon".
        5.  Razor 1911 "Suicide Tangents".

other   Avalanche "Megacrash" (amiga).
        Cartel "Fjords" (amiga).
        Crime "Masterbrain" (amiga).
        Crime "Party Demo 1" (amiga).
        Escape "2nd Party Demo" (amiga).
        Freedom Force ^ Amiga Industries (amiga demo).
        Ghostriders "PartyDemo" (amiga).
        Illusion "First Demo Party Demo" (amiga).
        New Order intro (amiga intro).
        Rebels "Swimming" (amiga demo).
        T.E.C. "Demo 7" (amiga).
        T.E.C. "Lamdemo" (amiga).
        The Flash Team "Partypack" (amiga).
        T.L.D. "Bouncing Balls" (amiga).
        Vision "Small-Pack" (amiga).
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