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Árok Party 2015 results

Árok Party #17 results

Cover compo
1. "My cup of tea" by Reekol (45pts)
2. "Relive tape cover" by Jootka (36pts)

Remix compo
1. "Supremacy" by Ziona (76pts)
2. "Golden Axe" by Teo (65pts)
3. "Mindflow - Wooloop" by Vincenzo (62pts)
4. "MSI demo" by Necropolo (48pts)
5. "Electrifying" by Deák Attila (23pts)

Music compo
1. "Bandhagen" by Soya (71pts)
2. "Lumber" by Necropolo (64pts)

Graphics compo
1. "Before haircut" by Leon (98pts)
2. "Iaaku" by Reekol (90pts)
3. "Lonely tree" by Grass (83pts)
4. "The road not taken" by Chronos (47pts)
5. "Squid in trouble" by Chesser (35pts)
6. "Bingo the clown" by Crayon (29pts)
7. "Eccarvu" by Babyfoot (16pts)
8. "Lemmings Memories" by Chesser (5pts)

Demo compo
1. "Rocketry" by Chorus (167pts)
2. "Ditch" by Resource (145pts)
3. "Relive" by SIDRip Alliance (112pts) 
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