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Árok Party 2011 results

1. Er ist friedlich eingeschlafen by Monarchy (130pts)
2. Nyancat by LOD+ACW (114pts)
3. Rotation by Bob (85pts)
4. Day by day by LHS+Visac (83pts)

1. Eple by Oisee (142pts)
2. Jackhammer by Necropolo/API (140pts)

1. Zak McKracken by Necropolo/API (97pts)
2. Newcomer intro by Vincenzo/Singular Crew (86pts)
3. Zak McKracken by Buxy (84pts)
4. Rolands ratrace by Vred (64pts)
5. Logical level 3 by fegolhuzz (52pts)
6. Solitax by Shokey (48pts)
7. Boing by Teo (38pts)
8. Parneasn by Andor (18pts)

1. Earth by Joe/Wrath (110pts)
2. Beautiful Oz Prisoner by Leon/Singular Crew(103pts)
3. Butterfly by Grass (75pts)
4. Les Odabas by AMN/Resource (67pts)
5. Ch by Wizard (62pts)
6. Partypeople 30% by Izzy (21pts)
6. Family guy by Balazs (21pts)
7. Rubic cube by Balazs (13pts)
8. Ostapenkova by Izzy (12pts)
9. Le-roi by Monarchy (11pts)
10. Future funk by ACW(3pts)
11. Die Katastrophe by Monarchy(0pts)

The one and only release was a handmade scanner for the C64.

Extra party-release: Legacy by Graffity + Chorus (gfx collection)
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