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Theatre and Network 1990 results

26-29.12  Theatre & Network Party '90.
Held at Tandberghallen in Lillestrøm, Norway by Theatre and Network. Almost
350 people attended, of which four were female :) The party was originally
intended to be an Amiga and C64 party, but due to the fact that another
group called WOT was holding a C64 party, they spread rumours among the
64'ers that this party was cancelled! As a result, there were only about 15
C64 users on the party, though all the big groups were represented. There
was a kiosk inside the party hall, where you could buy Coke, food, disks
etc. There was no voting system, the winners were instead decided by the
arrangers. The graphics and music compos were decided by Theatre and
Network, while they left the music to some Motion members. This can perhaps
be seen as a forerunner of The Gathering, what with being held in the same
town and at the same time as the first TG the following year. These are
probably the most complete results you'll ever see, at least as far as the
demos go. We try harder :) Thanks to Vega/No Limits for some help.

invit   Network & Theatre "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Exit.
        2.  Cryptoburners "3rd Dimension".
        3.  Crypt "B.F.D.".
        4.  Amonia "Coppershock".
        xx. Accept "First Demo".
        xx. Caveman "Party Demo".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "Frontal Lobotomy".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "Mesmerized".
        xx. Scope "J.I.M.B.O."
        xx. Shade "Multidemo".
        xx. Spaceballs "Demo".
        xx. Wizzcat "Shadows".

gfx     1.  Viper/No Limits "Shark".

music   1.  Dr.Awesome/Crusaders "Tranze Seven".
        2.  Croon "Land of Shadows".
        3.  Vega.

other   Amiga Freelancers "ProTracker 1.1" (amiga util).
        Shade "Boppin Bytes 2 special partyrelease" (amiga pack).

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