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Phenomena and Censor Party 1990 results

05-07.01  Phenomena and Censor Party 90.
Held in Arboga, Sweden by Phenomena (amiga) and Censor Design (c64). The
price in the c64 demo competition was a pink radio :) After the party,
Phenomena released a two disk party pack with the results. The date 7-9th of
january, published in Zine #4, must be wrong - the date above is from issue
#2 of Censor's own mag "Fatal News".
  The voting system (administered by Mr.Gurk/Phenomena on the amiga) was
kind of original; You should give points to the five best demos, in these
categories - code (0-12), design (0-12), graphics (0-8) and music (0-8).
This seems like a SERIOUSLY complicated system, don't you?

invit   Phenomena "Arboga Party 90 Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Fairlight "My Room".
        xx. Black Monks.
        xx. Cabe "Cinzanos Code".
        xx. Cryptoburners "Musicparty 1990" (musicdisk).
        xx. Deadzone "Morpheus Coding".
        xx. Dexion "Megademo II".
        xx. Digitech "MagicGlobe".
        xx. Digitech "Day After 2".
        xx. DrakPak.
        xx. Dual Crew "Puzzled".
        xx. Empire.
        xx. Groovy Bits.
        xx. Hypnosis "260 Bobs" (intro).
        xx. Hypnosis "Don Martin" (musicdisk).
        xx. Legend "Balls and Brains".
        xx. Mordor "Party".
        xx. Phenomena "Vectorbobs".
        xx. Phenomena "Vectorball".
        xx. Power Drive "Wadda".
        xx. Public Enemies "Guru Demo".
        xx. Public Enemies "Vectors".
        xx. Rebels "Vesc".
        xx. Scoopex.
        xx. Tetragon "Orbits Demo".
        xx. Zounds.

music   1.  Firefox/Phenomena and Tomas Danko/Fairlight "Galaxy".
        2.  Tomas Danko/Fairlight "Complications".
        3.  Tomas Danko/Fairlight "Consummation".
        3.  Marillion/Rebels.

64demo  1.  Censor "Wonderland V".
        xx. Guran/Censor Design "Happy Birthday Demo".

after   Censor "Contact Dealer v2" (c64 tool).
        Phenomena "Partypack" (2 disks, amiga).
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