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Primary Star 2007 results

Primary Star 2007 Results (Taken from CSDb)

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
1       Decline of Kali                         Wrath Designs/K2
2       Racked Off (Party Version)              The New Dimension
3       Advanced Space Battle Music Collection  Raiders Of the Lost Empire
4       Partyscroller
5       Der Mongole                             Anonymous

C64 Music
1       City Noises                             CRD
2       Plastic Blade                           Henne
3       Sending Good Vibes                      PSycHo
4       DEC $D418                               Richard

C64 Graphics
1       Nitrogen                                Decompracid
2       Witchcraft 2                            JSL
3       Black Widow                             enthusi
4       Die Verwunderte Giraffe                 Bugjam

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