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The Party 1991 results

26-28.12  The Party 1991 (http://www.theparty.dk).
TP91 was held at MesseCenteret in Aars, Denmark by The Silents, Anarchy and
Crystal. 700 people had booked in advance, 1000 were expected, and nearly
1300 (1252) turned up - making this the biggest party held so far! The party
was held in two halls of the same size; one for the party and one for people
who wanted to sleep. The infoscreen was genlocked onto MTV, and also TV-
transmitted so that everyone with a TV and a basic antenna could watch it!
The general feeling was that the party was very well organized, and it was
undoutedly a major success! Drinking and smoking was allowed, but only beer
- and only tobacco :) The fire alarm was started on the night between the
26th and the 27th, causing much irritation among the organizers, who would
have to pay a fee for the fire brigade rushing out on a false alarm! There
were a few surprise competitions planned, but they were all cancelled except
for the Kick Off one. This was also the year of the premiere for the
legendary video demo "Global Trash II" from Jesper Kyd and Michael Balle.
Productions with greetingsscrollers were not allowed in the competitions...
perhaps a rule that SHOULD have become the standard? =) No c64 competitions
were actually planned, but after pressure from the c64 groups at the party,
one was held anyway! =) Bonzai arranged it, and took some heat from the
other groups for decreasing the prices rather dramatically - from $1000 to
1500DKR ($240) for first prize, and from $500 to 500DKR ($80) for second!
  41 pictures was shown in the graphics competition; 80 pieces of music
were handed in for the competitions, but only 30 were played. Controversy
over 'is Odyssey a better demo than Hardwired?' raged in the diskmags for
months... :)

· Information and results from party report in Freedom Crack #8.
· Additional information from:
  - Intros/Demos from Balance 'Drugs #4' pack.
  - Intros/Demos from Treacle 'Aars party pack'.
  - Intros/Demos from Triangle 'Magnificent #87' pack.
  - Intros/Demos from TEK Weird Sience #21, #22, #23, #24, #25 packs.
  - Intros/Demos from Frogs, Swamp #7 Party edition.
  - Melon Dezign, Party gfx & music winners disk.
  - Party report from Majic12, Top Secret #10.

invit   Crystal "The Party Invitation" (amiga).
        Melon Dezign "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).
        Quartex (Alliance Design) and Rebels "The Party Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Alcatraz "Odyssey".
        2.  Crionics and The Silents "Hardwired".
        3.  Razor 1911 "Voyage".
        4.  Horizon "Virtual Intelligence".
        5.  Anarchy DK "3D Demo".
        xx. Aero.
        xx. Agony "Pardey".
        xx. Amaze "Demo".
        xx. Amonia "Members".
        xx. Anal Intruders "Party".
        xx. Anarchy UK "Seeing Is Believing".
        xx. Andromeda "Spellcheck".
        xx. Aurora.
        xx. Awille "Penis".
        xx. Brainfuck.
        xx. Brainstorm "Primus".
        xx. Brainwave.
        xx. Cult.
        xx. Curve "X-Mas".
        xx. Denise "BBS Intro".
        xx. Doom "Mistle-Tro".
        xx. Dual Crew.
        xx. D-Mob "D-Copy Intro".
        xx. End of Century 1999 "7th Sense" (also released at Iris NYC).
        xx. Horizon "Sleeping Bag".
        xx. Kefrens "Egregious".
        xx. Lionhead "Intro".
        xx. Majic 12 "Mad Deicision".
        xx. Oxygen "Justice".
        xx. Palace "For Publisity".
        xx. Panoramic Design.
        xx. Parallax "Laama".
        xx. Party Food.
        xx. Rebels "Glenz".
        xx. Rednex "Digital Aggravation".
        xx. Reflectors "BBS Intro".
        xx. Sanity "Oh Crinkey What a Shit".
        xx. Shadow World.
        xx. Spaceballs "Members Intro".
        xx. Swampions.
        xx. The Special Brothers "Contact Us".
        xx. Trackers.
        xx. U.L.I. "Megademo".
        xx. Upfront "Plastic Passion".
        xx. Vanish "BBS-Intro".
        xx. Virtual "Real Empathy".
        xx. Vixen "Liquid Courage".
        xx. Vixen "X-Mas Intro".

gfx     1.  Iridon/Shining "Maximum Overscan".
        2.  Cougar/Sanity "Dog".
        3.  R.W.O/Kefrens "Hardcoremonster".
        xx. Cthulhu "Nazi Schwein".
        xx. Deathangel "No Prayer".
        xx. Draconian "Fall The Western Empire".
        xx. Hooghan "Dragon".
        xx. Jesper Colding "The Face".
        xx. Morten/Dexion.
        xx. Techni.
        xx. Vic/Rebels "Luciano".
        xx. Walt & Mack/Melon Dezign "For JOE".
        xx. Zanix "Beer".

music   1.  Tip and Mantronix/Phenomena "Overload".
        2.  Static/Rebels "Hardcore".
        3.  Nightlight "Backtracking".
        xx. Ash "Agonized Mind".
        xx. Dolphin/Noxious "Dekkadence".
        xx. D-Zire "Divine Glory".
        xx. Headx/Andromeda "Michelangelos Dream".
        xx. Koo Kai "A New Jack Thing".
        xx. Nuke/Anarchy "Bari Pacific".
        xx. Pete/Black Monks "Dream Dancer".

64demo  1.  Light "Brutality".
        2.  Camelot "One Year III".
        3.  Spirit "Spiritual Dreams". [added by phx]
        11? Oxyron "Burn It" [from www.oxyron.de]

other   Amaze "Party Intro" (amiga intro).
        Andromeda "Spellcheck" (amiga intro).
        Balance "Drugs #4" (amiga pack).
        Blue House/Rebels & Sonic Project "Blue House II" (amiga musicdisk).
        Cryptoburners "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Cryptoburners "Competition Results" (amiga).
        Massive "The Party I Slide" (amiga slideshow).
        Sanity "Turmoil" (amiga musicdisk).
        Vixen "Christmas Intro" (amiga intro).
        Vixen "Patriot Ripper" (amiga util).

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