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International Vodka Party 2008 results

International Vodka Party 2008
22-24.08.2008 (unofficial start of drinking with participation of ZX/CPC scenes: 21.08.2008). 
Krakow, Poland. 
It's a multiplatform party now, however still mostly for ZX Spectrum (preferably 48Kb model). 
Organized by HOOY-PROGRAM zx group. 

Official results of Multiplatform Small Demo Compo: 

1) Gasman (UK) - "Ninja Milkman Conspiracy" (ZX48K) - 99 points
2) Yerzmyey (PL) - "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse or a Scotsman on a horse!!" (ZX48K) - 98 points
3) Factor6 - (CZ) "IVP2008_F6" (ZX48K) - 88 points
4) Exin - (DE) "Oh no! Part 2" (CPC) - 84 points
5) Hellboj - (CZ) "IVP2008_Wyborowa" (ZX48K) - 83 points

Shows of the best demos from Amiga500, CPC and ZX Spectrum 48K also took a place. 

Compo-machines were: Exin's Amstrad CPC and Yerzmyey's ZX Spectrum 16Kb with 32Kb Ram-Pack and AY interface. 
Additional hardware: Amiga500 and also a river of vodka & beer. 
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