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Prime 1992 results

   01.08  Prime Party 92.
PRI92 was held in Riel, Holland in the pub of the local football team =), by
Mirage. It was reportedly the warmest party ever. It was well organized, but
with a little low quality overall. No graphics or music competitions were
held. About 250 people attended.

╖ Information from these sources:
  - Party invitation demo by Mirage.
  - Some demos from Drek-Pack #1 by Desire.
  - Results, and most of the demos from Mind Funk #70 & #71 by TEK.
  - Mirage "Party Slideshow".

amdemo  1.  Animators "Roll Or Die" (game).
        2.  Desire "Menace".
        3.  Tech "Digital Intoxication".
        xx. Desire "Propaganda".
        xx. Desire "Body To Body".
        xx. Desire "Phantom BBS".
        xx. Agnostic Front "Umbra Et Imago".
        xx. Cyborx "Nemesis".
        xx. Devils "Beach Party 3 Nighttrips".
        xx. Freestyle "Lower Than Low Budget".
        xx. Gothic "Come Together".
        xx. Radar "Musicdemo".
        xx. Toxic Track "Yo Neander".

other   ASM-One V1.08 (amiga utility).
        Lunatics "The Search" (amiga intro).
        Mirage "Chit Chat #6" (amiga diskmag).
        Mirage "Forgotten" (amiga slideshow).
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