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The Gathering 1992 results

   The results of The Gathering 1992, hosted by Deadline and Crusaders,
   held 15-19 April 1992 in Norway.


     1  Wayfarer            by  Spaceballs
     2  D.O.S.              by  Andromeda
     3  Sourcery            by  Offence
     4  Digital Surgery     by  Encore
     5  Great Bytes in Fire by  Cyberiad
     6  So Simple           by  Cult
     7  Unbelievable        by  Atomic
     8  Conjuring Tricks    by  Paragon
     9  UNKNOWN             by  Division A
    10  Multica             by  Andromeda


     1  Partytime           by  Gin/Carnage
     2  Variations          by  Jogeir/Noiseless
     3  Maestrological      by  Artifact/Troon
     4  Disconnection       by  Mazon
     5  Summer in Gambia    by  Lizardking/Strange
     6  Delicious Nightmare by  Jason/Silents
     7  My Glamourours Life by  Jester/Sanity
     8  House of No Living  by  Thug/Fantasy
     9  Soulside Journey    by  Ash/Vixen
    10  The Art of Tunes    by  Noteman/Virtual


     1  Beauty & the Beast  by  Sauron/Equinox
     2  Alien               by  Shocker/Vision
     3  Visual Feminism     by  Rank
     4  Hell Or Paradise    by  Serpent
     5  Skull               by  Cobra/EON
     6  Heaven              by  Fairfax/PMC
     7  Bloodstone Lands    by  Decker
     8  Barbarian           by  Iridion/Shining
     9  SRL-Train           by  TMB Designs/Silents
    10  Terminator          by  Drifter/Byterapers


     The Silents def. Paragon  4:2

  Useless Utility

     1  Color or B/W        by  Equinox

  Kick Off Compo

     1  Yoghurt/Spaceballs

other   Kefrens "ANTSC-Tro" (amiga intro).
        Noxious "ProTracker 2.1A" (amiga util).
        Static Bytes "All Time Greatest Hits #10" (amiga musicdisk).
        Static Bytes "New Eurochart Informer" (amiga intro).
        Strange "Nordic Report #2" (amiga diskmag).
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