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Digital Symposium 1992 results

   24.10  Digital Symposium Party 92.
DS92 was held at The Rawmarsh Leisure Centre, Rotherham, England for the
amiga scene. There was probably NO intro competition. The only non-uk person
in attendance (probably) was Zoltan/Majic 12, all the way from Hungary. The
first prize in the demo competition was £200, £100 for second, £50 for
third. There was a jury system for voting the best entries.

· Information from these sources:
  - Party Invitation demo by Digital.
  - Party report in LSD' "Grapevine" issue #13.

invit   Digital "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Anarchy "Flower Power".
        2.  The Silents "Enjoy The Silents".
        3.  Revenge/Slipstream "Soul Contamination".
        xx. Dual Crew "Morpho".
        xx. LSD "Jesus on E's".

gfx     1.  Lynx/Rebels.

music   1.  Nuke/Anarchy.

other   Digital "musicdisk" (amiga musicdisk).
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