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Analogy Hitech Party 1992 results

11-13.12  Analogy -Hitech- Party.
Held at Aronahde Education Center, Rauma, Finland for the Amiga scene only.
Over 200 people visited the party. An Armourglass was broken during the
party, with the result that the prizemoney was reduced. :( Some of the
results are still a bit rudimental, despite Zeg's efforts, so any help in
completing them would be most welcome!

· All information and results by Zeg, from these sources:
  - Intros taken from Chrome "Stigmata #34" pack.
  - Intros taken from TEK "Mind Funk #115" pack.
  - Party invitation 1, demo  from Analogy.
  - Party invitation 2, trackmo  from Analogy.
  - Absolute "Sledge Hammer #12" diskmag.

invit   Analogy "Party Invitation 1" (amiga demo).
        Analogy "Party Invitation 2" (amiga trackmo(!)).

amdemo  1.  Digital "Day of Reckoning".
        2.  Disknet "Theoretical Perplexity".
        xx. Accession "Anti Analorgy".
        xx. Chrome "Hi-Tech Party".

amintro 1.  Exotic Men "Etvintro".
        2.  Complex "Hitechtro".
        xx. D-29 "No-Glenz".
        xx. Digestive "Intro".
        xx. Digital Artists (DAI) "Just For Fun".
        xx. Skunk "Skunktro".
        xx. Stellar "The First AIDS Kit".

gfx     1.  Hotshot/Complex.

4chMus  1.  ???/Damones.
        xx. Groo/Black Robes "Phoenix".
        xx. Nutcase/Deadline "D-E-A-D-L-I-N-E".

      1.  Xendi/Deadline.

      1.  Mango/Stellar.
      2.  Groo/Black Robes.
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