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Mainframe 2003 results

Combined Demo:
1 (69p) retox by mystic
2 (59p) Autumn Dreams by Outbreak
3 (12p) fulkod by gange
4 (11p) skit i yttre rymden by s3ktlunch
5 (9p) Who said we couldnt make it in Qbasic? by Anonym källa
6 (8p) Marmelad 3 - Gabber generation!!1!111!! by THCOutput
7 (5p) Simply A Demo by pixelmagic
8 (0p) Little Stupid Demo Intro by The Gang
8 (0p) Jag älskar att aga by THCOutPut

Combined 64k Intro:
1 (77p) Tango Alfa November Golf Oscar by Ralf Zuhl Productions
2 (62p) Sussa by THCOutput

Combined 4k Intro:
1 (86p) teh 4k by Larsby of Sca9
2 (80p) mf4k by MOjO

Demo for 8-bit machine:
1 (69p) Years Behind by Retrocoders
2 (54p) unité centrale de huit bits by comic bakery
3 (47p) ping timeout by misfit, radiant and zyz

1 (53p) Sca9 pedagog om vad demos är. by Larsby
2 (41p) Liquid Fungi by THCOutput by wkk, GB & Dencrypt
3 (32p) Det roer sig inte by j & retro
4 (27p) The Purjo Pirates by leili
5 (18p) voler avec une planche à roulettes au-dessus de la lune et se brisent alors avec un signal sonore by comic bakery
6 (10p) Fet elajt paj! by  GB und Qdor af Solidchaos
7 (4p) Sailing home to Remedy 2k4 by GluffiS

Music for 8-bit machine:
1 (51p) NiNJa GOeS BERsErK!!!111 by lithis
2 (48p) Dragonfly by Gasman
3 (35p) chippon by nullsleep
4 (34p) Japanese Karaoke by insider
5 (29p) rutinchip#194 by nim+zbt

Chip Music:
1 (50p) NinjaNes by zbt / beepdealers
2 (35p) the odd connection by zbt
3 (28p) havremüsli by Qdor and Buzz-
4 (22p) mainframe#2 chip by nim
5 (21p) Whatever by velo
6 (20p) flöjel by j
7 (14p) Moster Barbros Mustasch by Qdor
8 (12p) Circular waistline by Larsby of Sca9

Freestyle Music:
1 (24p) Please be drunk(s3k7lunch RMX) by Qdor
1 (24p) Human Compilation by phreak of phobia
2 (23p) Haxxxxor night by slagsmålsklubben
3 (22p) Kebne by j
4 (17p) psykedeliska sniglar :( by lithis
5 (15p) Störd (psilodump remix) by p1457
5 (15p) telefönterror by psilodumputer
6 (14p) Smokey Joe Blues by Bethy Ethodd
7 (11p) Betrayal of Friends by Larsby of Sca9
8 (9p) Mardröm by j & zyron
8 (9p) undersea cave combat by zbt
9 (5p) Flaj by Gazman
9 (5p) birdie 2003 by grillmeisters
10 (0p) surfing on the surface by wkk from THCOutput

Lowres Pixel:
1 (105p) Psykel by Lei-Li
2 (40p) Skattesmitare by GB Af SolidChaos/ThcOutput
3 (31p) Roboduck by grip^pixelmagic
4 (29p) Ibland by Larsby of Sca9
5 (21p) Space Cow by Qdor
6 (11p) skit_i_gropen by gange
7 (6p) Sailor on the 7 pr0n Seas by GluffiS

Hires Pixel:
1 (95p) Shnobby by Lynx Vulgaris
2 (57p) En mycket ensam farbror by GB Solidchaos-ThcOutput
3 (31p) Bridge by wkk from THCOutput
4 (24p) 3vilg1rl by Larsby of Sca9

1 (62p) Hjärta by GB
2 (25p) Lonely Mush by wkk
3 (23p) Tunnneleeen by GB
3 (23p) Mainframe Reloaded by bonq
4 (16p) Ont i Huvudet by GB af Solidchaos/ThcOutput
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