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The Alternative Party 2013 results

Alternative Party 2013 - Hospital
18-20.10.2013 Helsinki


ICU Rave Music
1st	118		Trust me I am Doctor by Monolith Resistor
2nd	75		TehoC -osasto by Shiva Thrill
3rd	70		Zero Gravity by Teel
4th	50		Marko by Branch^the Royal Elite Ninjas inc.
4th	50		critters by cce
6th	47		Wubs And Caobel by grejppi
7th	27		Capsid by Astrovirus

Healing Music
1st	237		Vasemman aivopuoliskon halvaus by Bass Cadet
2nd	212		Lääkkeet by J.Kaartinen
3rd	140		Do not resuscitate by T-101 / Darklite
4th	130		Iloisesti Kivitetty by trilobit^pwp^nalleperhe^dekadence
5th	122		Sines! by Wing
6th	62		Waking Room by peija
7th	45		Song of Ant by Laserboy + Hot Multimedia
8th	44		end phasis by kaapo^ekspert
9th	34		deux by windytan

Digital Graphics
1st	356		Lihatohtori by ilesj
2nd	355		Middle East Express by Darkki / Tekotuotanto
3rd	187		Android girl by Kitai
4th	80		ALTbulance by DiamonDie
5th	48		It's the night time that matters by Sade^Queer Conspiracy

Analog Graphics
1st	238		Party People by Mirna
2nd	237		Buffer Overflow by Instanssi-Surgeons
4th	174		Kenttäsairaalavuoro alkamassa by Terwiz / Alumni
5th	94		now you can build a nosfe clone army by nosfe

Alternative Combined Demo
1st	318		Enkaustik by Mirage
2nd	301		id by cubicle
3rd	173		NEDERLAND by blam, kurli, uncle
4th	111		PILOT/A by Peisik
5th	73		Terapiademoni by Hallu Hutuntekijä & Hyvä Hieronta ^iSO
6th	45		nailusator by f
7th	36		Mangareva by the Royal Elite Ninjas inc.
8th	33		Albulance by The Alberts
9th	31		Amursk-invitation by Caranbola Pyre feat. Byterapers

64k Combined
1st	388		Atsarias by Lieves!Tuore
2nd	343		Human Mind +5 by Hackers + LHB
3rd	216		blue fusion by sensenstahl
4th	87		KAAL +6 Trainer by npli
5th	66		Alkuperäinen ammattirikollinen by Pants^2
6th	21		Albulance by The Alberts

Beginner Demo
1st	426		Puvut by jammi ainu frank_one
2nd	374		Healing Visuals by Paraguay
3rd	232		Instanssi 2014 Invtro by Instanssi-Surgeons
4th	94		Päihteiden syytä kaikki by ISO
5th	38		Paskaa paketissa by Hoboman, Kiimaiset Sanansaattajat
6th	33		Puimuri by ISO

1st	407		Bontempi House by Little Bitchard
2nd	240		laser life by sooda & tkln
3rd	187		Täsmäohjattava ihmerohto/Barbababa simulaattori by ARno
4th	126		Häpeämätön by DiamonDie
5th	85		Extinguish all human hope from my soul by nosfe

Party Photo
1st	283		Baby transport allowed at AltParty by T-101 / Darklite
2nd	235		worryingly too normal sleeping position by lempeä hieronta kaskelotille kertaa neljä / iSO
3rd	144		There's A Weenie At The End Of Every Partygrill by b0n / Primitive
4th	141		Swiss Nurse by Terwiz / Alumni
5th	62		superfunpartynighttime by nosfe
6th	47		I live among the creatures of the night by Sade^Queer Conspiracy
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