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Dexion X-Mas Conference 1990 results

26-29.12  Dexion X-Mas Conference 90.
DEX90 was held in Odense, Denmark by Dexion for the amiga and c64 scene.
600 people attended in total. The party was divided into two areas; the
Amiga people, which were the most, and the C64 users, which were given their
own, smaller area. Since Coca Cola sponsored the party, they were very
strict about any Coke obtained from anywhere but their kiosk, where the
prices were less than reasonable. This resulted in a first for demo parties
- Coke smuggling! Paradox didn't bring a single computer, but lots of beer,
which was confiscated in a raid.
  The system for the compos were as follows: The arrangers picked out the 5
best tunes, the 10 best pictures and the 10 best demos, which were then
shown. Then, ONE person from each group were to hand in that groups' votes;
one group - one vote. This system caused some irritation. The first price
in the Amiga demo competition was US $1000, on the C64 it was US $500.
See if YOU can find and more complete results than these anywhere!

· Information and results from:
  - Dexion party gfx & music releases disk.
  - Possessed "Mega Dream Compilation 1".
  - Anarchy "Dexion Partypack".

amdemo  1.  Phenomena "Animotion".
        2.  Budbrain "Megademo II".
        3.  Crionics "Total Destruction".
        4.  Horizon "Sleeping Bag".
        xx. Rebels "Total Triple Trouble".

64demo  1.  Light "Brutal II".
        2.  Triangle.
        3.  Upfront.
        4.  X-Factor.
        5.  Bonzai.

gfx     1.  Slash "Ravenloft".
        2.  Uno "Dragon".
        3.  Zeeloyd "Slimeline".

music   xx. Deejay/Aurora "Tales 2".
        xx. Einstein/Warfalcons "Einsteinium 3".
        xx. String/Prologic "Incoherent".
        xx. Tama/Cycron "Microworld".
        xx. Tip/Dual Crew and Mantronix/Razor 1911 "Echoes of Conflict".

other   Accept "Party Demo" (amiga demo).
        Amaze "Freedom Crack issue #4" (amiga chartmag).
        Amaze "Merry Christmas" (amiga demo).
        Amaze "The Final Absolution" (amiga demo).
        Flash Production "Hysteria" (amiga demo).
        Frantic "X-Mas Party Intro" (amiga intro).
        Kefrens "The Wall 90-91" (amiga demo).
        Mirror  "Little Party Intro" (amiga intro).
        Phenomena "Obvious Disaster" (amiga demo).
        Sanity "Dee Groove" (amiga demo).
        Technoflight "Ectoplasma" (amiga megademo).
        The Silents "Wrath of the Demon" (amiga musicdisk).
        Vision "Hein Design Party Gfx" (amiga demo).
        Vision "Nude TV 2" (amiga demo).
        Vision "Stupid Data" (amiga demo).
        Voids  "Filled Vectors" (amiga demo).

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