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No Limits & IMP 666 Party 1990 results

05-07.10  No Limits & Imp-666 Amiga Conference 90.
Held in Arendal, Norway. Around 200 people attended. The party was held at a
school (the same one as the IT, The Band and IMP-666 easter party the
previous year), in the gym room, a large classroom and in the basement. Due
to recent problems with the Police during similar events, there was a ban on
illegal copying. Among the things not on the results list, there was a
TwinTris competition held by the programmer himself, and a Stunt Car Racer
competition. The graphics and music (40 entries submitted) competitions took
place as planned, but the demo competition was (naturally) delayed about
four hours. This was due to the fact that Andromeda and Pananoramic Designs
didn't finish their demos on time. Bruno, winner of the music competition,
was just 14 years old at the time =) The Norwegian press was also present,
more specifically the radio program "Radioavisa" on channel P2.

· Results and information from Digital (papermag) 06/90.
· Results and information from NDM (papermag) 10/90.
· Information from small report in Anarchy's "Stolen Data #5" (amiga mag).

invit   No Limits "Party Invitation '90" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Cryptoburners "The Hunt For 7th October".
        2.  Andromeda "M-31 The Comeback".
        3.  Razor 1911 "Habitual Novelty".
        4.  Network "Watch This".
        5.  New Wave "It's Getting Harder".
        6.  Panoramic Designs "Amiga First".
        7.  Pure Metal Coders "Trackmo" (fractale).
        8.  Dope "Light Side of the Dark Side".
        9.  Motion "Mona Lisa Overdrive".
        10. The Lamers.

gfx     1.  Chris/Illusion.
        2.  Enigma/Andromeda.
        3.  Intec/Gate.
        4.  Viper/Shape.
        5.  Funky Guru/Gate.

music   1.  Bruno and Maniac/Gate "Green Marlboro".
        2.  Rhesus Minus/Cryptoburners "Space Rhumba".
        3.  Dr.Awesome/Crusaders "Sphinx".
        4.  Boisterous/Society.
        5.  Beathoven/Alive "Oh Monday".
        6.  Mr.Man/Absence "Backfire".
        7.  Fluor/Alive "Wild Child".

other   Abnormal "Scribble Sine" (amiga).
        Alive & Fraxion "doc disk" (amiga).
        Anarchy "Twister Earwax Collection #1" (amiga musicdisk).
        Angels "Copper Master" (amiga demo).
        Crusaders "Tobias Richter Slideshow" (amiga).
        Crypt "Music Disk #2" (amiga).
        Cryptoburners "Materialized" (amiga).
        Hemoriders "Demo" (amiga).
        Network "2nd Demo" (amiga).
        PMC "Zorax's Demo" (amiga).
        Wizzcat "Intro" (amiga).
        ??? "Scratch Pack #32" (amiga pack).
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