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3S Party 1996 results

30.8-1.9  Sea, Soft, Sun (3S) Party 2.
3S2 was held in Saint Esteve, France by Solaris, Dreamdealers, Syndrome and
Skarla. The first 3S Party was held in 94. There were also gfx, music and pc
demo competitions; any results from these most welcome! Thanks to 3case for
partial pc results.

invit   Dreamdealers "3S Party 96 Invitation".

amdemo  1.  Syndrome "Fashion".
        2.  Ramses "Experiment".
        3.  Silicon "Live".
        4.  Syndrome "Planet M".
        5.  Solaris.
        6.  Pure Sensation "Demo".
        7.  X-Men.
        8.  ??? "The Willy Demo".
        9.  Syndrome "Achlon Bux".
        xx. Warm Inside "Dazzle".

amintro 1.  Mentasm "Floodland BBSTro 2".
        2.  Mankind.
        3.  Pure Sensation.
        4.  Majoar.
        5.  Silicon Inc.

pcdemo  1.  Fatal Justice "Magick".
        xx. Warm Inside "Dazzle".
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