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Byterapers - Scoopex - Bloodsuckers Gathering 1991 results

25-28.07  Byterapers - Scoopex - Bloodsuckers Gathering 91.
Held in Parikkala, Finland. Some guy from Exotic Men painted graffiti on a
Bank wall and got caught; rumours say that he had to pay 20000FIM to clean
it :)

amdemo  1.  Beyond Force "Expres".
        2.  Fantasy Force "Voyage".
        3.  Mean Machine "Reincarnation".
        xx. Admirals "FileMaster".
        xx. Scoopex "Vectorfart 2"

amintro 1.  Rebels "Just Add Water".
        xx. Admirals "Party".
        xx. Alpha Flight "On The Air".
        xx. Cave "Bit Pain".
        xx. Control "Party".
        xx. Coral "Silence Please".
        xx. Equinox "Rape Em All".
        xx. Frantic "Total Perspective Fortex".
        xx. Scoopex.
        xx. Scup "Party".
        xx. Sigma "Party Time".
        xx. Strangers "Joke".
        xx. The Special Brothers "Inconvenient Intro".

gfx     1.  Golem/Anarchy "Ridecompo 2".
        2.  Cruzifix "Mutant".
        3.  Zebra/Scoopex (Uno) "Stunner".
        4.  Slayer/Scoopex (Uno) "Slaikkari".
        5.  Zei/Accession "Clint Itäpuu 2".
        6.  Runelord/Overflow "Elfwarrior".
        7.  Trigon/Byterapers "Beatricedalle".

music   1.  Captain/Image "Beyond Music".
        2.  Bruno/SCUP "Russian Scup-Herne".
        3.  Mac/Extreme "New Graze".
        4.  Mr. Spaghetto/Overflow "Soap Cooker".
        5.  Joplin/Chrome "Jungledance".
        6.  Dean & Prime Premium/Complex "Shitting Around".
        7.  Uncle Tom/Scoopex "Planet Fall Boom".
        8.  Griffin "Jesus And His Clock".
        9.  Swantti/Midnightsun "Daylight All Night".
        10. Randor/Byterapers "Lonely Pain In My..".
        11. Griffon/Frantic "Freefallin".
        12. Trasman/Accession "Jessus".
        13. Jol005x/Fantasy Force "Kisahuikka".
        14. Börje Svenssnon/SCUP "Joikhu".
        15. Stargazer/TSB "Laatikkojuhlat".
        16. Speed-Head/Byterapers "Rinkebyniggers".
        17. Miami Gay "Death Of Jaska".
        18. Focus & Tracotr/Coral "Nopea".
        xx. Zardax/Elysion "Celebration Staion" (not played).
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