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Floppy 2005 results

Floppy 2005 - the official results  	  07:16

PETSCII (C/G) Competition:

1. Jucke/G*P
2. Dino/Uprough/Divine Stylers
3. Abba/ELG
4. Murdock/Tropyx, Taper/TRIAD and Maktone/FairLight (shared)
5. Goto8o/HT

MUSIC Competition

1. Goto80/HT
2. Puterman/FairLight
3. Avalon/Wrath Designs
4. RaveGuru/Instinct (beta version of tune, not spread)
5. Dane/Booze Design (beta version of tune, not spread)
6. Maktone/FairLight
7. Murdock/Tropyx
8. Johey
9. Zzap69/Noice

GRAPHICS Competition

1. Twoflower/TRIAD
2. Vodka/FairLight
3. Dane/Booze Design (unfinished picture, not spread)
4. Wiggen/TRIAD
5. Macx/Onslaught

DEMO Competition

1. TRIAD/The Throckmorton Device
2. 1000000 Million Miles To Earth/FairLight
3. Tsunami 73%/Booze Design (beta version, not spread)
4. Broken/Civitas
5. Poland/CWA
6. Dancing Snowmen/Macx+Zzap69
7. 24Hours/M&M

TRIAD and FairLight recieved the same amount of points (122), so the same rule that often applies in sports when encountering a draw came into use. As TRIAD had recieved substancially more of the highest available 5-point votes than FairLight, the first spot was awarded TRIAD.

Booze Design has promised to release the full version of their Tsunami demo in a near future.

Also released at the party, but outside the compos, was:
TRIAD/78-80 and Imminent Threat
Chip-8 Emulator/M&M
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