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TMDC 2016 results

 88Púúúú  ____  úd888Púúúúd888  ____  8Púúúúd8P  _____  _______ Y8Púúúúd888Púúú
 8Púú  __|    |___________  ___|    |_________  /     |/       \ Yúúúúd888Púúúú
 Púúú |       |           \/   |    /        / /_     |\    ,   | úúúd888Púúúúd
 úúúú |__     |   .   .   /    |   /    ____/_  _|    |_\__/    | úúd888Púúúúd8
 úúúd    |    '   |   |   \    '   \         / /               / úúd888Púúúúd88
 úúd888P |________|___|____\________\_______/ /_______________/ úúd888Púúúúd888
 úd888Pú                                                      úúúd888Púúúúd888P
   /                                                                         /
  /                              R E S U L T S                              /

   Peisik - Textulation ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [       8 o] 76.67
   tAAt - Molypoly - Noisy Dust ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [       8o ] 75.00
   BITS - BITS5038ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [    ooo   ] 50.00

   /                                                                         /
  /                             C O M M E N T S                             /
  ______                   ___________________________________________________
 /_____/ BITS - BITS5038 /___________________________________________________/
 ù Ah, another year - another BITS production. It's not entirely clear but you
   advance between scenes by pressing a key. This is the best bits production to
   day, with some fun scenes and strollers. The zoomer (not really a rotozoomer)
   made me smile.  Regrettably, the music wasn't up to par to the rest of the
   production.  Dosbox (or alternative) required.
 ù Some nice ANSI art from BITS, and some nice lettering and fonts. Scrolling
   speed can actually go in reverse which gave me a chuckle. Probably the best
   production graphically from BITS... could BITS actually be improving?
   However, can't give more than 50% if you're not going to put any time or
   effort into the music. Even a classical tune from Bach is better than random
   stuff sent to the adlib registers.
 ù Is it getting better each year or is BITS an acquired taste? Actually more
   content than it seems, so it's better to loop through scenes many times. 
   The scene with the BITS logo falling down leaving a vertical trail, with the
   noise in background is actually quite nice. And generally speaking, we could
   say it's one of the few "real ascii" demo in recent times, as in "not passing
   through a bitmap converter".

  ______                               _______________________________________
 /_____/ tAAt - Molypoly - Noisy Dust /______________________________________/
 ù Minimal design with great synchronization. The waveform effect was
   particularly nice. A bit repetitive, but overall a nice production with
   design. Peace out!
 ù Custom buffer-to-textmode/ascii routines get a big thumb up, handwipe
   transition gets a thumb up, and some of the colors were minimal but nice.
   Thumbs down for recycling effects (and old ones at that) repeatedly in the
   demo to fill time. Music was meh.
 ù TextFX shines again! Very good use of the sub-sampling. The whole thing is
   very very legible. I especially liked the distorsion/interference thing.
   Color-wise, grey on black is a little boring, It could have been a little
   more extravagant. 

  ______                       _______________________________________________
 /_____/ Peisik - Textulation /______________________________________________/
 ù I really enjoyed the old school vibe of this, but it ended far too quickly.
   Some great old-school effects are represented!
 ù Nice emulation of old-school effects, nice color pallette. But, way too short 
   (unfinished?) and thumbs down for using a generic buffer-to-textmode
   conversion process.
 ù Cool music, nice retro vibe. Few scenes but a good level of polish.

  __________________________________________________________________      ____
 /_________________________________________________________________/ EoF /___/
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