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TMDC 2006 results

 Results processed by Silly Little Votesystem 3.00 by Sol/Trauma
  1. Signal To Droids by The Northern Dragons 26.137443034495391%
  2. Somnium by paulius and Altoriu Seseliai  23.694741777151400%
  3. Devious by Traction                      20.819742430592587%
-   -  - -- --- --------------------------------- --- -- -  -   -
  4. Carbon Monoxide by Hedelmae              19.785024740507453%
  5. Diet Cola by Alpha Design                11.761384099531774%

There were fewer entries this year than on most years, but on the flip side,
the quality of even the "worst" entry was higher than most demos in earlier
years! As such, all of the entries are really worth checking out.

Due to a harddrive crash we're back to SLVS 3.0 from 3.1 last year, so
there's no vote distribution graph above. The graph would, if it was there,
show that the bote distribution was very wide, with the jurors having hard
time figuring out which demo is the best.

I hope you enjoy these demos as much as I did!

-- Sol, TMDC organizer, tAAt ry

Selected comments from the jury:

Comments on the competition in general:
- Best quality for years! 
- Very good stuff and enjoyed watching it!
- There are fabulous entries this year, good work guys!
  Enjoyed watching all the entries over and over again. B)
- The competition was very close-run, making it again really hard
  to decide which one might deserve the number one spot.
- Quality level of the compo as a whole was high, and even too
  even. Everyone had good design peculiar to that group.
- All entries were good and the overall quality was much higher than last year.
- One good demo, two decent ones and two outright bad ones
  A bit worrying perhaps that the invitation is the best looking and sounding demo

On 'Diet Cola by Alpha Design':
- Worthy successor to previous Alpha Design text mode demos,
  having their own crisp style. Very nice.
- Funny, solid, but not too fresh. Good music.
  3D objects look nice but a bit boring demo.
- Could have used more effects.
- Nothing too fresh but clear fonts and simple design worked. 
- Maybe a bit too "Intorish."
- Minus points for *ugly* CGA colors.
- At least they are not emulating Hercules graphics. [8^0
- Looks nice, but lacks something...

On 'Carbon Monoxide by Hedelmae':
- Very nice rasters. 
- Gaseous effects were nicely done.
- Probably the best scene-design in the section where the signal-coloured 
  trails fly between grayscale 3d-objects.
- Decent music
- Nice ANSI art and fonts, extra points for the point grid.
- Oldschool!
- Some effects are so-so, design wouldn't hurt.
- "Inconvenient truth"-message in a good looking package.
- Too much of an effect demo without actually having fancy effects

On 'Devious by Traction':
- Good design, the best music.
- Higher level consistency on top of the chaos and integrity to the very 
  well executed music brought quite good VJ-kind of feeling-trip.
- Very good but the colors were a bit too dull.
- Partially slightly messy, but solid as a whole and the music
  backs it up well.
- A stylish demo with nice design and color selection.
  However, it lacks a bit of everything else. Too noisy.
- The squaring effect gets boring after a while
- Lacks very much something.

On 'Somnium by paulius and Altoriu Seseliai':
- This is an example, where all effects work together to
  create a scary, unsettled mood. Gothic prod! \m/
- Creepy, nice.
- Nice atmosphere, smooth flow and well fitting background music
- Well created atmosphere.
- Didn't like atmosphere, although it was done well.
- Effective design achieving kind of oppressive feeling.
- The whole thing is too ambient in here -> a bit too passive for me. 
  Space with weird red jiggles could be more exiting than this one!
- Boring music and colors but excellent transitions.

On 'Signal To Droids by The Northern Dragons':
- Fresh ideas and a solid show. Funny!
- Original and funny prod, reminds of Signal2Noise. ;)
- I liked that droid figure.
- Shading worked fine even that the lighting on the cubes lost a bit inside it all. 
- Mascot was good because it was clear and simplistic.
- Nicely executed demo where ND also continues with their style
  compared to their previous TMDC entry, this time just making
  it even a bit better.
- A bit too repetitive and boring music but overall still very good.
- Too repetitive and gets boring in the end.
- Basically a cool idea but repetitive

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