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TMDC 2003 results

 Results processed by Silly Little Votesystem 3.00 by Sol/Trauma
  1. Bolognese by Alpha Design                20.463683128425423%
  2. MOOIT by KALEIDO                         14.363058801881118%
  3. Zero by Northern Dragons                 13.282468450231926%
-   -  - -- --- --------------------------------- --- -- -  -   -
  4. Porcine by Fallow                        12.256134623175964%
  5. Armageddon by Crimson Shine              11.908388363655337%
  6. Wormhole by Aardwolf                     11.119535532546141%
  7. Continuum by quantum.sufficient          10.604086521484122%
  8. Sweet Sauna Girls by tri DDDs             6.002644578599966%
  9. Antichrist Superstar by Tonrauschen (disq)

Selected comments:
- Could we PLEASE ban the matrix-effect next year?
- Once again quite nice compo with diverse selection of entries.
  Decision between the better ones was quite hard since the
  demos still were quite different from each other.

On 'Antichrist Superstar by Tonrauschen (disq)':
- Sigh.
- Uh..
- Tonrauschen's first TMDC production is still better.

On 'Sweet Sauna Girls by tri DDDs':
- Needed MSVCR70.DLL
- This was too hard on my eyes.
- Must be some kind of a joke hidden somewhere i didn't get.
- Stylish rendering, seems to be unfinished though. 
  Gets boring. Hate the sounds.
- Unique rendering engine compared to other text mode demos,
  but it looks just too buggy. Could have been so much better
  if it would have been properly finished.

On 'Continuum by quantum.sufficient':
- points for the fractals. Quite dull overall.
- Fractals were kinda nice. The matrix-intro looked kinda 
  authentic but isn't it a bit too obvious?
- Nice but gets a bit boring.

On 'Wormhole by Aardwolf':
- couple of nice textmode-visualizations, the cubes and the green 
  "overlay". Bit different from the others.
- Nothing that bad, nothing that good.
- Not very bad. Coder-music.

On 'Armageddon by Crimson Shine':
- The noise and rastering made the demo so obscure that it lost 
  all the point in it.
- A bit boring. The Matrix code in the beginning was awesome, too 
  bad the rest was just a lo-res demo.
- Colors blend partly quite well and partly bad. Some parts are
  good, but on some parts it looks too messy. It's not bad, but
  it doesn't shine above some others this time.

On 'Porcine by Fallow':
- Very nice usage of textmode. Some quite cool design-bits too. 
  Some of the visual content was quite ugly tho.
- EXCELLENT!!! Made me laugh. Most extensive textmode usage of all.
- Nice to see effects based on characters.

On 'Zero by Northern Dragons':
- Quite nice.
- Nice to see a 4K intro in TMDC.

- Nice raytracer. A little design wouldn't hurt. Music is broken.
- Like the magnum dithering. Hate the music.
- Well chosen color themes. But it's too short and the music lowers
  the score, although it is well synched to it. Visuals are still
  very fine.

On 'Bolognese by Alpha Design':
- points for the solid colors, and nice visually clear look. 
- JEA! Nice music, props for sync, nice oldskool feeling.
- The simple color choices were very fitting for text mode.
- Great ANSI-graphics! Alltogether a great textmode demo, especially 
  the vectorballs.
- Most balanced design. Best music.
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