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North Party 2004 results

C64 Demo
1	Trwam

C64 4K

1	Intro 1 by Samar 
2	Intro 2 by Samar
4	2q4 intro by Vulture Design

C64 Music

1	Bootsy's Club Tonic by Hein
2	Eager to Play by Jammer
3	Johan Bengtson had a joint by Randall
4	Abra by Phobos
8	murmur by dalezy
9	Brainkaszana by Surgeon
11	Nabuhodonozor by Data
13	Stupid melody by Raf

C64 Graphics

1	Ice by Cuc
4	Modlicha by Worm
5	Crom's Blessing by Blemish
7	Dor Bittch by Odyn
8	Dreamgirl by Cactus	
9	Kaczor by Lukas

C64 Sample Music

1	Kombi Mix 50% (loaded samples) by Ramos
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