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Byterapers 25 years anniversary 2011 results

Byterapers, Inc. 25 years anniversary party 


At Hauho, Finland

Competition results
Place - By whom/title - points

Graphics compo
Entries created at the partyplace

1. Hazi 20p
2. Nefa 12p
3. Nosfe 10p
3. MrBean 10p
4. Grendel 8p
4. Adellan 8p

Music compo
Entries created before party or at the partyplace

1. Jugi  17p (live, recorded before the compo)
2. T-101 16p 
3. Grue & MrBean live 14p (LIVE, not recorded)
4. Nosfe 8p

Wild compo
Entries created before party or at the partyplace

1. Boozembly 2011 report by Damones 20p
2. MIY presentation 18p (LIVE, physical items, not recorded)
3. Plaisanterie d'ordinaire 16p (soundtrack played live, not recorded)
4. Eve nayttaa tissit by Kotiporno Massive 14p
5. I wish I was a Demoscener by Doomsday 12p
5. Forever Alone by HNSK/Boozeskene 12p
6. Democar by Alumni 10p
6. Raper's Roast by Mikron 10p
7. Grendel 8p
8. Kekejorma, 4 nollaa ja prinsessa 4p 

Rosvopaisti compo

Food prepared before and during the party, finished and cooked at the party.
Consumed and voted by a jury during the party.

1. X-Factor
2. Micron
3. Suckho
3. Marjo

Other participants:
Gallstone & Grue

Recipes at the party site http://byterapers.com/b25v

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