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Sommarhack 2015 results

Sommarhack 2015 results

Multicolor Fish by Templeton
Atari STe, 400x273 MPP Mode 4
210/517 points

Autumn Fire by Acca
Atari STe, 320x200 MPP Mode 3
179/517 points

Dark Powers by Brink
Atari ST, 320x200 Degas Elite

Pulse (compo edit) by 505
Atari ST, MaxYMiser
175/541 points

Drop Zoner by Shinobi
Atari STe, MaxYMiser (with DMA sounds)
165/541 points

Silisium Skogen by Garvalf
Atari ST, MusicMon 2.5e
105/541 points

Leakzwarning for Sommarhack - NSA listenz efferifink by Quark Stoden
Atari Falcon, MP2 Streaming Audio
96/541 points

Sea of Colour by DHS
Atari STe (4096K RAM), 10MB zipped, HDD (streaming music)
189/911 points

Pulse by Checkpoint
Atari ST (2048K RAM), 163 K
188/911 points

Hammarsock by Dekadence
Atari ST (512K RAM), 4K
157/911 points

CheckerPlasma by Noice
Atari ST (512K RAM), 11K zipped
132/911 points

Rebirth by Cybernetics
Atari STe (1024K RAM) 2 disks, 658K zipped, requires two floppy drives
131/911 points

Bacon by Vulkteamet
Atari STe (512K RAM), 18K zipped
114/911 points

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