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the summer party 1996 results

                         The Summer Party '96 Results

  Amiga Demo Competition

        3> refuse                       by drifters              45 p
        2> boogie nights                by subspace             151 p
        1> Extreme                      by balance              216 p

  PC Demo Competition

        1> linda won`t sleep with me    by tpolm                --

  Wild Demo Competition

        3> life goes on                 by x-ray                 75 p
        2> wild summer                  by infect               116 p
        1> static motion                by lite werx            165 p

  4-Channel Competition

        3> still alive                  by dr. dreyer            42 p
        2> mysiga meloner               by Fudge & zalo          52 p
        1> mat smaker gott              by frame,somel & morrow  88 p

  Multi-Channel Competition

        3> virtual sanity               by lloyd/ATC             24 p
        2> blind saucer                 by kaiowa/sorrox         37 p
        1> soul motion                  by claw & pozz/c-clouds  61 p

  Amiga 40K-Intro Competition

        3> sway                         by session               72 p
        2> extra                        by abyss                123 p
        1> fresh                        by bizarre arts         140 p

  PC 64K-Intro Competition

        2> two hour                     by tuskin                58 p
        1> the ultimate love creation   by INF Demo Section`96   93 p

  GFX Competition

        3> who laugh last               by X-ray/in-sect 	 24 p
        2> outpost                      by david michaelczyk     37 p
        1> openmind                     by desoto/subspace       72 p

  CocaCola Screensaver

        1> CocaColaScreensaver          by the obsessed maniacs

Due the lack of interest from computerusers to attend to the summer party
I will not work any harder to let you know who won the different compos
nor I will not give you the rest of the contestants places in the compos.
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