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Coven 2001 results

Results for Coven 2001...

1st 	To The Wasoo Daniel Vallejo
2nd 	Over Easy, Daniel Vallejo
3rd 	Take Me Home, Chimera
3rd  	Khemoflage
3rd     Rental Blues-Ript,Dodgey Hack
4th     Cullstreak, Sense
5th     Nospooky, Sense
5th     funky, jdigital (?)
6th     Flowerbird, DJSith
6th     No Sense Blues, Ript

Open Art
1st	Ruins, Dodgey Hack
2nd	Hope, Resistance
3rd	Evil Face, Floopy-b
4th     Into the Unknown, @nsky
4th     Bluk@z, @nsky

1st	Nikos and Mr Ball, Floopy-b
2nd	Epidermis, i2pi
3rd	blobbyref.avi, Euphoria (?)
Rest all equal last :)

1st	Cellroom, Floopy-b
2nd	Mixer, Euphoria

1st	You, Euphoria
2nd	Oppressed Cat, Pete
3rd	S11, Pete
4th     Check This Out, Madboy Kwasi
5th     Wandiddly loves Wendel, Euphoria

1st	Whirl, NOR
2nd	Skitz Blitz, Danial Vallejo
3rd	Epoch, NOR
4th     Just Four Walls, Chimera

1st	Mist Garden, Error64/AA
2nd	Crepes, i2pi
3rd	Sadness, Factory
4th     Nodesign, Kaolin

1st	FSI, Disaster Area
2nd	Shit on a Stick, Kaolin

1st	We Know, Disaster Area
2nd	Elran, i2pi
3rd	Blue, Error64/AA
4th	Bugger, Shplorb&Jackal
5th	Machine, Kaolin
6th	Jazzy Psychedelic Rainbow Vomit, Ript/Disaster Area

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