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YALP 1997 results

                    Yet Another Lame Party Official Report 
  This is the official report of Yet Another Lame Party, organized in Belgrade, 
Yugoslavia on May 25th 1997 by MindEscapE with Renegade and Alcal Pone. The 
compos lasted approximately from 19:00 to 01:00. 
1. Virtual Insanity by Black Plum 
2. Ace CD Collection #4 intro by Hyperopia 
3. The Ultimate Solution by Demoniac/New Primitives 
There were no Amiga demos at the party :( 
1. Tautologic by Victory + TempesT 
1. TIE Fighter by Suicidal/Lucid 
1. Fire! by Rep/Titan 
3. 256 by Nucleus/Tempest 
There were no ANSI's either (read the note under "Failures" below) 
1. Horny Things in the Swamp by Phuzzy Logic/DepthCharge 
2. Napad Vesh Mashina Ljudozdera Ubica sa Marsa Dva by N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
3. Yet Another Lame Party by Green Tooth/NeverMind 
1. Wash Me! by Jamon/Juice/Hyperopia 
2. Slamm by N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
3. Inside by Neutron/Lucid 
1. No Title by Nom/Hive Studio 
2. Cyber by Hive Studio 
3. It's Alive! by Paranoid/CoRRoSioN 
1. Jagodina by Kolja 
2. Proba 19 by Trippers 
3. Saucer by N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
C64 GFX 
1. Jodie by JB/No Name/TempesT/Industry 
2. Arise by Phantom/Lepsi/Panic 
3. The Healer by JB/No Name/TempesT/Industry 
1. Dancing Teddy by N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
2. Lamp by Maverick/Acid Dream 
3. No Title by dNk/NeverMind 
1. Faceless by N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
2. X2 Remix by Paranoid/CoRRoSioN 
3. BassHop by NotSafe/CoRRoSioN 
1. 48 by BP/Hyperopia 
2. IK 96 by DM/Victory 
3. Escape from Reality by B.O.B./Lucid 
1. 1993 by String/ex-Chaos 
2. Line by Dalton/Transcom 
3. Krupa A440 mix by Phantom/Lepsi/Panic 
1. Fraktalni Generator Shvajcarskih Shumovitih Planina sa Zvukom i Atmosferom, 
   a bez Mogucnosti Snimanja by Woodoo/PaS MaterS and N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
2. CheckMonitor v1.0 by Phuzzy Logic/DepthCharge 
3. Garbage Grafix Generator by Kiso Qpus/PaS MaterS & N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS 
  We weren't too strong on this field, we only found two sponsors who donated 
3 CD's each, plus the Ecstasy BBS gave a copy of Ecstasy CD collection as an 
additional prize. These were given to the winners of the PC Demo, Pixel, 
Photoshop, Rendered, Animation, 4 Channel and Multichannel categories. 
Additionally, the winners in all categories got wonderful, exceptional, very 
limited series, priceless YALP T-shirts. Don't forget that the entrance was 
free :) 
Voting Irregularities 
  As we had decided to make the entrance to YALP free, the classical "one 
ticket, one votesheet" concept couldn't be applied, so we just tried to give 
every present person one sheet. However, it wasn't too hard for determined 
voters to get their hands on more than one votesheet. In spite of the 
remarkable similarity in votes and handwriting of some sheets, we decided to 
disregard none of them, as we believe everyone had the same chance to cheat. 
  Certain two members of Vortex would have won the 2nd place in the Pixel compo 
and the 3rd place in the Photoshop compo, but since we the organizers find 
their entries not nearly as good as the other high-ranking ones, we decided to 
disqualify them so that we don't get accused for fixing votes. So, 
unofficially, they DID win those places, but if we put that official, nobody 
would believe us we had not fixed the votes. As of those two - don't worry 
about them, they are our groupmates and they'll surely understand. 
  Right there on the spot we had to count the votes VERY fast, so two mistakes 
got through: in the 256 Byte Demo category, the TIE fighter by Suicidal/Lucid 
was found to have 1 vote more than the second-ranking Fire! by Rep/Titan. 
However, during the careful vote-check later, we discovered that those two had 
exactly equal numbers of votes. Also, in the Rendered category, Proba 19 by 
Trippers was declared winner, but later we found out that Jagodina by Kolja 
Tatic had more votes. The lists in this report are corrected, but we cannot 
provide the deserved prizes for Rep/Titan and Kolja. We are most terribly sorry 
for this, but since the prizes were of little material value anyway (T-shirts 
and a CD) we hope those two will forgive us. 
Entry Notes 
  Ace CD Collection #4 Intro by Hyperopia was not a "previously unreleased 
production" and it was submitted way after the deadline; also, the C64 pic 
Uriboric Forms by Phantom/Lepsi/Panic was not submitted executable, as it 
should have been. However, we accepted these contributions because their 
irregularities did little harm and their compo categories weren't really 
  N0pe Dope/PaS MaterS really flooded us with all those contributions and got 
some 25% of the prizes - totally deservedly. In case you don't understand 
Serbian, his ASCII is called "Attack of The Man-Eating Killer Washing Machines 
from Mars Two" and the PaS MaterS useless utility is called "Fractal Generator 
of Wooded Swiss Mountains with Sound and Atmosphere, but with No Save Option". 
  Five entries were e-mailed to Han Solo, but the disk with them was lost by 
another member of the organizing crew (we'll keep his identity secret to 
protect him from bomb-attacks), so they weren't shown. These were: a 
multichannel module by Spurious/Dead Clown Records, a 256 byte demo by Veljko 
Miljanic and two ANSI's and a 256 byte demo by MasterMind. We are particularly 
sorry about MasterMind's works, as there were no other ANSI's submitted and his 
256 byte demo stood (in our humble opinion) a chance of winning the compo. The 
C64 tune Uphill by DM/Victory was not played because of another obscure mistake 
caused by the organizers' sloppiness. But what's done is done. 
  For reasons unknown to us, the C64 tune Lullaby Remake by Trugoy/TempesT 
crashed on our compo machine (three times!) and the PC demo The Ultimate 
Solution by Demoniac/New Primitives played no music (while it normally plays 
some). The animation Inside of st. Dimitrije's Basilicas by Power Bugs, Bell 
and Utvara could not be played as our video beam did not support such a high 
  It proved a very bad idea to put all 256 byte demos in one category, as PC 
demos were very superior to C64 demos - if there are any 256 byte categories at 
the next party, we'll separate them. 
  We managed to gather a great part of the Yugoslav demo scene at one time and 
in one place - far more people than ever before - made them get to know each 
other and gave them an unforgettable time. YALP was the first event of its kind 
in the history of this country, and we are sure that demo parties will become a 
regular event in Yugoslavia in a year or two. 
  We have shown to a kind of "wider" audience - passionate BBS'ers and serious 
programmers - what demo scene is all about. We have shown to the people that 
demo sceners are not strange people living in faraway countries, but flesh and 
blood humans you meet every day. 
  We made it all a fun event; even when things didn't work, we did our best to 
make the party worth staying at. For what we hear of the foreign demo parties, 
they usually get a lot more boring than YALP was in any moment. We believe 
nobody regretted coming to the party. 
  We managed to promote the C64 scene to the Amiga and PC people who mostly 
knew nothing of its existence. We had been supposed to show a nice mix of 
different styles of C64 demos, but we only had time to show two of them (one of 
which was shown incompletely). Nevertheless, the reactions of the audience to 
those demos, to the (only) C64 demo that was brought to the compo, to the C64 
grafix and muzax and to Paranoid's "Commodore is dead" statement indicate that 
we have succeeded. 
  Turbo mega electro ultra quartz big big big MindEscaping thanks to: 
     for all the Amiga support 
   MR Sound 
     for the video beam 
     for fixing our cable in the last minute 
     for the T-shirt design 
  Normal thanks to: 
   all visitors and competitors 
     for the support 
   compo winners 
     for the cool works 
   useless utility authors 
     for making our lives so much happier, juicier and longer 
   Phantom/Lepsi/Panic, N0pe Dope/Pas Maters and Kolja Tatic 
     for the immense number of contributions 
     for the help with vote counting 
     for the GUS and VCR 
   Marko Savic 
     for the disk drive 
   Ecstasy board 
     for the CD 
   all support boards 
     for the support :) 
     for the YALP mailing list 
   Tomcat/Controlled Dreams 
     for organization tips and spreading the word about the party in Hungary 
     for spreading the word about the party in Hungary 
     for all the help 
   Byterapers and Reflex 
     for making "Unsound Minds" and "Nine", which were shown at the party 
   Jizzlober's father and Han Solo's father 
     for transporting the equipment and cattle ;) 
   Harkaster/W[i]GS, Drow/W[i]GS, Kriss/Vortex, Katarina and Verica 
     for the moral support 
   Media City and MB Soft 
     for their sponsorship 
  Apologies to: 
   Kolja Tatic and Rep/Titan 
     for our mistakes with vote-counting and them not getting their prizes 
   Power Bugs + Bell + Utvara, MasterMind, Spurious/Dead Clown Records, 
   Veljko Miljanic and DM/Victory 
     for our failing to show their entries in the compos 
     for Han Solo burning his hand 
   all visitors, especially gfx competitors 
     for the phukkup during the gfx compos (we fixed that, didn't we?) 
     for the delay in playing his module 
   Phuzzy Logic/DepthCharge 
     for our failing to show his Scene Strike 1 invitro 
   Triad, Blackmail, Crest and Wrath Designs 
     for our failing to show "Red Storm", "Dutch Breeze", "Krestology" and 
     "Stupidity 3" at the party 
     for other lame little organization failures that no party is free of 
  Kicks to: 
     for deserting us when we needed him the most 
     for his lameass speech at the end 
  Best wishes to: 
   CoRRoSioN, Phuzzy Logic and N0pe Dope 
     with organizing Scene Strike 1 
  We hope to see you all again at A Yet Even Lamer Party next year. We'll keep 
your favourite sysops informed, so watch out for the invitation. Sincerely, the 
organizers (in alpha order): 
  Alcal Pone 
  Han Solo 
  Virulent Void 
... IBM 
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