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edits for this prod:

date glöperator action more info
2020-04-23 01:11:59 hitchhikr hitchhikr prod_remove_link -
reason: dead link (video deleted)
2019-08-16 11:08:53 guardian ٩๏̯͡๏۶ guardian ٩๏̯͡๏۶ prod_change_downloadlink current: https://datagubbe.se/releases/gammel2.dms
old: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wr9xa6g9fv5vjyg/gamme...
new: https://datagubbe.se/releases/gammel2.dms
reason: Moved from dropbox to my own web host
2019-06-30 06:35:10 sensenstahl sensenstahl prod_add_credit g r ü p g r ü p - Code, Graphics
2019-06-30 06:35:05 sensenstahl sensenstahl prod_add_link Youtube - https://youtu.be/iGEHQwMQWvk
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